Monday, 6 August 2007


(back on the 22nd)


antihero said...

tro7een wu trdeen bisalama :)

The Simper said...

will miss u.
wish u happy holidays and enjoyable times, lively pics, and ncie thouhtfull thoughts and writings if u would do any :)

Deema said...


Alla esalmik :)

Deema said...

The Simper:

Me Too :)
same to you and i will be back inshallah with all the package :D

i will be really busy, so i will be back after 15 days with lots of stories i guess :)

as for now good bye :D

Raven said...

bye deema :')

*wipes tear from his eye*

Deema said...


raven ! bye ! thanks !

Anonymous said...

Allah m3akum... =)

Deema said...

CeCe :
welcome to my blog and good bye for now:P

blog star said...

hope that u are having fun where u are! i'd love to have u come to my space - maybe by the time u return there will be more "furniture".

Reem said...

trdeen bel salama my dear!
i'm in Kuala Lumpur now ;)
have fun sweety :**

Hitman1 said...

Enjoy it :) and see ya on the 22nd