Sunday, 29 June 2008

Dear Www,

Since I graduated I had no time at all! I'm doing errands and finishing my portfolio to get my certificate (they didn't allow it for us unless we give them the last semester portfolio), my ordered books came and I am starting reading now, and I am working with a friend on a paper, I designed few things for my family and some friends. and i didn't feel any rest at all :)

this made me feel good because the fearful boredom never happened to me, and well, somehow I feel destined to an ever working habit.

I didn't think of any job yet, I have somethings to do before any job application.

I see my writing skills deteriorating and I have a sense of a better passion for writing, but it needs sometime.

I like the weather these days, the sky is blue nevertheless sunny, I appreciate the sun of a blue sky. I changed the places I got used to only with nostalgic coming backs. I feel so happy getting things done.

Have a nice day

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Bang Bang

he didn't have the time to lie,
the childish memory
so mature, wherefore I can call it ironic

the game of words
now I'm playing
not even knowing
where I'm going

a bad habit recalling
a dream repeated
and similar drawings, I only changed their colors

a sound, or was it a voice?
it all happened in a minute
or two days of yours


I got a greeting email today from my architecture friends saying "HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICA!" as we studied a lot about "sun" in the previous years we kinda get ourselves back to original time reference :D

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Monday, 16 June 2008

Wall Stories

I can't resist their expressions
their repeated sentences
and painful carvings

their setting
and cluster

and another added after a while

their texture, been told about

a friend told me about their whispers
another showed me their colors

a friend paints them white
and another pours white concrete into the mold

but i only take photos of walls
and i see them not white at all

not even friendly

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Arch. Deema

I'm officially graduated thank god, I was told that I did great in the presentation, although my project is very critical in terms of location, yet I was convincing and clearly understood. the jurors were very interested and they started to discuss it with themselves :) one of them found a link with something i researched about but didn't say, which is really great to find him find all the links together :)

I still cannot describe the feeling, it is a great chill like a huge wave crossing my weak tired body. and i have this weird happiness smile on my face for the entire day as if i am programmed to smile :D

I had some moments of fear, a very critical position i find my self in.. but the best part is to hear the congratulations from all your friends and family :)

so happy so many things to do, i'm not officially with nothing to do yet :D

closing 5 years isn't fast.. getting to the graduation wasn't so fast, everything to me was very slow in motion. but i feel so great because i know a lot of things and i really believe that i earned my graduation.

now to new experience.. which i know nothing about.

Thursday, 5 June 2008


منطقي أصبح معروفا
و كلامي صار مفهوما
و المكتوب أكبر خدعة صيغت للعموم
من نقوش تغزل على ورق
يظلله الورق
يضلله الورق
تحفة الأزمان
إن خبت و ناحت
وهبت صوتها للأغاني
لا تهدأ و لا تنسى
هي لعبة الألسن
هي حكاية القدر
و لكن نتحاشى الحقيقة الثانية
لكي نكتب من جديد
و يعاد
لكن أصدق ما يعاد
مداده على صحف مستورة
أخفاها الوسواس
و وشت بها الخرافة

و مازلنا نؤمن بتقاويم سجلنا بها قياسات للدهر
مرقمة مدونة
و اهملنا تقاويم الشجر و المطر
و ظلال القمر
ليس التاريخ حروبا و ملوكا
تاريخي ذكريات يداي
و اصوات تكررت على مسمعي

تاريخي سلسلة أشكال .. و الوان
انا لست فكرة
و لا دينا جديدا
أو عبرة
انا اسلوب تأريخ بلا ارقام