Thursday, 5 June 2008


منطقي أصبح معروفا
و كلامي صار مفهوما
و المكتوب أكبر خدعة صيغت للعموم
من نقوش تغزل على ورق
يظلله الورق
يضلله الورق
تحفة الأزمان
إن خبت و ناحت
وهبت صوتها للأغاني
لا تهدأ و لا تنسى
هي لعبة الألسن
هي حكاية القدر
و لكن نتحاشى الحقيقة الثانية
لكي نكتب من جديد
و يعاد
لكن أصدق ما يعاد
مداده على صحف مستورة
أخفاها الوسواس
و وشت بها الخرافة

و مازلنا نؤمن بتقاويم سجلنا بها قياسات للدهر
مرقمة مدونة
و اهملنا تقاويم الشجر و المطر
و ظلال القمر
ليس التاريخ حروبا و ملوكا
تاريخي ذكريات يداي
و اصوات تكررت على مسمعي

تاريخي سلسلة أشكال .. و الوان
انا لست فكرة
و لا دينا جديدا
أو عبرة
انا اسلوب تأريخ بلا ارقام


the.thinker said...

@@ ??

shno hatha ??
eslooop ydeeed oo mubd3

wallah rw3aaaah .. deeeeeeep 7dch

tslm eydch oo waaayed shdny el post y36eech mlyoon 3afia :)

Deema said...

The Thinker:


walla ana bidait bshay winatahait bshay thany!

mashkoor 3ala il i6ra2 :)

Anonymous said...

U need to translate all this for me :D

Oh sorry forgot to add pleaseeeee

Deema said...

my logic is now known
and all my words are understood

and the script is the biggest sham played on the common

by patterns woven with paper
under shadows of papers
under blinds of papers

the antique of time
if lost its charm
sends her voice to songs


never stop nor forgotten
it is the game of tongues
it is the story of destiny
but we usually avoid the second

to write again
and repeats
but the most authentic from that repeated
inscribed in secret files
paranoia veiled it
but myths revealed it

and we are still believing in calenders
we measured with it time
in numbers

and missed the the measurments of trees and rain
and the shadows of the moon
history isn't wars and kings

my history is my hands memoir
sounds frequently heard

my history is a chain of form and colors

i am not an idea
nor a new religion
or a moral

i am a measurement of time
without numbers

(..::amu::..) you owe me :D

Someday said...

Maybe it's just me!! but Loved it in english!! :$

Anonymous said...

OMG thank you so much *blogsphere hug* cheers....

thats beautiful!!

Deema said...


well there are some verses where i thought of them first in english and some of them not.. so i guess it makes sense that people like it that way :)


glad you like it :)