Sunday, 29 June 2008

Dear Www,

Since I graduated I had no time at all! I'm doing errands and finishing my portfolio to get my certificate (they didn't allow it for us unless we give them the last semester portfolio), my ordered books came and I am starting reading now, and I am working with a friend on a paper, I designed few things for my family and some friends. and i didn't feel any rest at all :)

this made me feel good because the fearful boredom never happened to me, and well, somehow I feel destined to an ever working habit.

I didn't think of any job yet, I have somethings to do before any job application.

I see my writing skills deteriorating and I have a sense of a better passion for writing, but it needs sometime.

I like the weather these days, the sky is blue nevertheless sunny, I appreciate the sun of a blue sky. I changed the places I got used to only with nostalgic coming backs. I feel so happy getting things done.

Have a nice day


Someday said...

It’s refreshing to read this kind of busyness,, the one that’s entitled to you,, enjoy!;)

Deema said...

thank you :*

Big Pearls said...

it's clear that ur busy,,,,enjoy every minute:)

Anonymous said...

Good Luck.. enjoy ur studies...o congrats again on the graduation :D

The Simper said...

may u have niceER and more productive days :)

Deema said...

big pearls:

ee walla I am busy.... and I am enjoying but they're not measured in minutes... madry shno,, yumkin whiles :)

Enjoying Enjoying :P



I think my break will surrendER to whenever it happens :D
and i would think of how nice is production :P

Baldy_ said...

ayshay?! no shahada ela ma3 portfolio?!

Deema said...



it is for NAAB evaluation, we used to get the worst grades in thesis evaluation, i wonder what this year would do :)

Raven said...

Something finally happened I guess :)

Wish you all the best!

Dont forget!! Papa Alpha Romeo India Sierra! :P

Deema said...


yes away from "finally"..... something happened in the way :)

November Oscar Tango Yankee Echo Tango ;)