Monday, 16 June 2008

Wall Stories

I can't resist their expressions
their repeated sentences
and painful carvings

their setting
and cluster

and another added after a while

their texture, been told about

a friend told me about their whispers
another showed me their colors

a friend paints them white
and another pours white concrete into the mold

but i only take photos of walls
and i see them not white at all

not even friendly


Big Pearls said...

nice wall picture

Deema said...

big pearls:

thank you :)

Someday said...

I felt that once
I was touching the wall of of Salah el Deyn mosque
And I thought to myself
How many ppl have touched it
Prayed in its boundaries
Cried by it’s columns
Stretched their hands
And that’s what the walls have witnessed

Deema said...

yeah walls are essential in places of worship..

and places to remember :)

Anonymous said...

nice wall...

Deema said...


they tell stories.... not like segma walls :D

PaLoMiNo said...

WOOOOOW amazing:)

Deema said...



loco said...