Tuesday, 10 June 2008



The Simper said...

gooood luck with ur presentation ;)

yoyo said...

تخلصي من الخوف الثقه بالنفس وينها

Hitman1 said...

Tip: Prepare a joke to say at the beginning of the presentation. It will erase 50~60% of your nervousness when you see everyone laughing. (And they will)

Someday said...

You’ve done it, no one knows it better than you do!
just as you are sitting some where and telling about it, like a salfah, don’t the words just flow so easily as you are telling a salfah?
you’ll do just perfect ;)

~FaHaD iN MiND~ said...

best of luck enshala :)

Deema said...

The Simper:
thank you for your support :D

ee the tip i got before presenting is : "BE STRONG"

Hitman1: the joke hehe... well my mother was the one made the joke and only me who laughed coz no one noticed,
i was standing infront of the just preparing to sit jurors then she was asking me to come to her,,,, i think to tidy the way i look :D
then i gave the "mom!!" look from a distant and she smiled.. and that really cheared me up :D

you know i am not very good in verbal uses of words.. orally
bas kitabt ily bagoola as head point for the first time in my architecture school :) wil7imdillah gilt illy bagoola..
bas ehya ilsalfaaaa inna lama t7iseen innich ga3da tqi9een 3ala ilnnas salfat layla w iltheeb ba3dain tistow3ibeen inna ma7ad mn ilyahal e3arifha!
i knew my project very well that i was kinda bored with it .. s you don't feel you're presenting something new :)
bas i produced a shock effect on the jurors which is great! :D

Fahad in Mind:
thank youuu