Saturday, 30 June 2007

from my diary: To Escape:


It’s one of those days when you wake up with a tornado playing with your heart pushing you to run. I fought myself by thoughts, I became angry & passionate.
I began to draw my lines, with tears popping from my unsettled eyes, my lost & confused eyes, without finding an exact reason. I had already drawn all the straight lines when I heard him, beating my inner flesh. With his beats__ I ran & ran, either I became invisible or the world had. The sound of my breath was a sound of anger, my eyes where wet, despite the dry currents of air... Till I reached a ramp, and after loosing more information than my eyes might loose, I fell on my knees & wept. I had fear & I wanted to get over it, & that was the reason of my following standing. I saw a dark staircase & I went up watching the process of shadow, three doors where in front of me so my head turned left & right then I got through one of them which lead to a narrow staircase.
I went up with a shaking body, and another sound had taken over my inner sound; there were humming which became clearer while rising. The first door I opened clarified the sound as it was from some machines inside the room & when I saw a jacket hanged there I continued my rising journey. Actually I couldn’t figure out how high am I reaching till I saw it “4th storey” & a door’s silhouette under the name of “Storage”, I got through it & Oh my God ! I am on the roof!!
Actually I found another way up! A spiral staircase & a ladder which reminded me of things, I went up & here I am being washed by the wind..
Through that position I saw a larger inclined area that I have got down to it through another staircase.
Down there yet so high, I was still shaking but astonished, engrossed & proud. I laid down on the tilted ground indulged with the rush of clouds, they were moving visibly. It was a time with no time; it was a cut... a black hole!
I got back then with constant steps, my eyes were widen, feeling nothing, seeing nothing & staring at the absolute air.
we always say we need a place to study, to play to read or to sit, but we never say this need of escaping to feel nothing. Well maybe the reason here is that a place you escape to is never known, you just find it or came by it. A place that allows dissolved senses. When being one’s self is no longer important, once we are attached to our real longing.

What was that place you escaped for?

Monday, 25 June 2007

Dance II

Hanged there
Touching the sand
And stiching the air
Loose your sight
And sense
The sun's trace
of a shy face
Bestows its mask
To the dusty toes
With pride
... With bias grace


I am a sailor
I am a land
I cannot go...I cannot hide
Here, my boat has a rhythmic ride,
Once so quiet..
Once a crowd..
And listen..
My sand is calling out so loud,
Yes it is an Arabic sound,
Yet don’t step on feeling proud..
A stranger must be humble,
Don’t try you might tumble,
Sit.. don’t talk to people..
Sit and sew yourself a red dress,
Your face so high not less..
Sewing is your first dance,
Few to view have the chance,
Winds of whispers
An end of a dance,
The land at once,
Full with fans,
The first one
....for me
A silent dance..

Thursday, 21 June 2007

"The whole is more than the sum of its parts".

Within Holism

When you decide something for your own it becomes a great dilemma just how your surrounding may react. If there is something everybody wants you to do. You will definitely find a hand. Surprisingly, if it's only you who want, every entity inside you will create the same power.
Regarding the phrase by Aristotle, an ignorance factor is highly considered, in which I would call it motion factor.
A Tensional relationship happens between the two previous examples. And by grouping synonymies; [more ~ the power of the inside] together and [sum of parts ~ the power of the outside] together, we start to realize:

Figure-as-whole figure
Figures-as-whole figures
Whole figure = whole figures
Figure = figures in the power of whole

We can conclude from this analysis that the power of the whole is a strategy that is adjustable in its materialistic entity based on the iterated situation and an instant change of the number of participants, qualifications or actions of each entity.

If we rely on this theory, we can understand that all actions and its positive and negative reactions have an apparently unpredicted factor. This factor should be from the elements –participants- of situation(x) to be:

Whole = [ ( limx to ∞ ) . ( limy to ∞ ) ] + Σ(K+T)

K= the unpredicted factor (the happening)
T= time

In the equation above, I have isolated time from the happening in order to activate the positive/negative behavior of the happening.
And as we start to apply this theory, we can find that the abnormal is not time dependent but only time located. And by this manner only we can cover the complexity of holism and target the abnormity in its context.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

In The Court of Ignorance

In The Court of Ignorance
I was lost
To nowhere I was able to move
Nothing to hear was clear
My temple was covered with black crêpe
With a feminine scent
My state seemed likely to over
Until I felt it lively rovers!

For while I was faint
By the killing scent

While being dazzled by the glittering voile
Embracing my wet lazy face
Oh my lazy face
Responding to the glitter density
And how it moves
As I remain static, a bit longer

A bear voice!

A sound that wasn’t wrapped with silk!

Muted the humming

Ended the touching of the crowd

And there, where the combat began

Confronting love
And with my vision
I was indulged
With such a battle

And as we were listening,
Every time it begins, it ends,
With another sight of insight.

And another bear voice……..................................................

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Another (X)

Another another is not my aim
Here, this world is my claim

Everything hidden

Everything ridden, here

But the traveler's beats

Strong, fast & clear

Listening, screaming while holding a tear

Anger, love, disregarding fear

My sword,

My rafter, killing by

My another self.... back from water,

and row to find

my eyes are still blind,

with wonder,

with you, sitting beside

turning to another side

How to Trace Kuwait City Map?

“It is a fact stated by many administrators & politicians that most decisions in Kuwait are taken by a feeling of reaction. The administrator reacts to the event or the problem by instinct reaction. Executives rarely anticipate the problem that they may encounter in the future. Neither do the assistant to the executive have the vision or the foresight to anticipate the problem & suggest a solution”. _ A former manager for Kuwait municipality, Dawood Musaad Al-Saleh.

With time, these events turn to be strongly related in terms of location regarding the compactness of Kuwait city, revealing an obvious variance caused by our reactions that were set in extremely instant circumstances.
How could we use these two conditions – architecturally - to our benefit?
If we take a ride around Kuwait city, what would we notice?

  • These existing images are revealing an "over lapping" effect, but the problem here is that there is
  • Old mosques revealing the actual topography of the city, before it was raised by the sand of the knocked down mud-brick houses
  • Houses scattered in parts of the city, either renovated or deteriorated
  • High rise buildings starting to appear, or under construction.
  • Sixty year old commercial buildings preparing themselves for the crane’s day.
  • A complex of foreign society
  • A context of signs for advertisement purposes
  • A sub-contextual grid system
  • A remarkable swivel of streets
  • a gap between each layer and the other, created –with time- by the absence of strategies.

    Based on that, we should start with an appreciation of these gaps and charge it with an impulse of conductivity -not necessarily direct-.
    We can't give a space for time, but we can give a space for the time shift.