Sunday, 17 June 2007

Another (X)

Another another is not my aim
Here, this world is my claim

Everything hidden

Everything ridden, here

But the traveler's beats

Strong, fast & clear

Listening, screaming while holding a tear

Anger, love, disregarding fear

My sword,

My rafter, killing by

My another self.... back from water,

and row to find

my eyes are still blind,

with wonder,

with you, sitting beside

turning to another side


Raven said...

Very nice :) mysterious to an unimaginable degree... I get the feeling that theres something deep, more on a personal level. Glad to see more and more people are writing poetry :) keep it up ^_^ I'll be reading >:)

Deema said...

raven: thanks alot, well you are very right, because this piece is attached to a very long poem or you can call it story. and mainly about the question of here and there :) ...
it is something you feel when you experience manual developing of photographs in a dark room. where you get the image of the whole world in such confinement