Tuesday, 19 June 2007

In The Court of Ignorance

In The Court of Ignorance
I was lost
To nowhere I was able to move
Nothing to hear was clear
My temple was covered with black crêpe
With a feminine scent
My state seemed likely to over
Until I felt it lively rovers!

For while I was faint
By the killing scent

While being dazzled by the glittering voile
Embracing my wet lazy face
Oh my lazy face
Responding to the glitter density
And how it moves
As I remain static, a bit longer

A bear voice!

A sound that wasn’t wrapped with silk!

Muted the humming

Ended the touching of the crowd

And there, where the combat began

Confronting love
And with my vision
I was indulged
With such a battle

And as we were listening,
Every time it begins, it ends,
With another sight of insight.

And another bear voice……..................................................


The Simper said...

i am feeling different things..
i am imagining so many scences..
i can see lots of means..

but yet i wonder with intrigue..
what's my ignorance had achieved!
in reading what u have written indeed!

nice :)

Deema said...

the simper:
plato & love
plato & ignorance
such topography
has a vivid accurance

technically in the structure
and vocabulary of the poem
you can see that i didn't use for example sun as the reason of the glitter,,, i didn't use time as the reason of the glitter shift,,,
every thing turned to be the substance of space which is the full knowledge of the imediate and direct surrounding and the complete ignorance of the reason or the bigger sense..

Deema said...

thank you for the sweet comment :)

Raven said...

deema, i've understood this in two different ways...
when i think about it in terms of direct relevance to me it ends up reminding me of the world we live in, and how we're almost always floating around, static and unable to move... as if we had no choice whatsoever, and that we're forced to hear/feel/smell different things by choice of a higher power.. again as if we had no choice whatsoever.

Yet, I still can't help but get the feeling that this poem is not directly relevant to the reader... it is in fact directly relevant to you, on a more personal level!

Confronting love
And with my vision
I was indulged
With such a battle

someone's been hurt in the past, and love is now a battle that must be fought by that someone... in her vision alone.

I might be wrong though, this could mean something entirely different... It's just the way I see it I guess.

Great poem, and unlike the last one, "In The Court of Ignorance" doesn't have that many hidden emotions/stories. ^_^

Deema said...

in her vision alone :)

well it is the second time you refer to the personal level

most of the people express their "personal level" in a very clear way, either sad or happy or their paradox.

but i like to get into the process of personal changes or experiences and i'm not at all interested in the conclusions or results...

ya3ni, the pre-feeling is my circle of feelings, where they are not decided yet what to do or which is going to be first on stage.

and from your brilliant analysis i understood that my poetry can evoke predictions of what was before or what is to be after in at least one person.

i appreciate your 'now' :)

you're very inspiring
thank you