Monday, 25 June 2007


I am a sailor
I am a land
I cannot go...I cannot hide
Here, my boat has a rhythmic ride,
Once so quiet..
Once a crowd..
And listen..
My sand is calling out so loud,
Yes it is an Arabic sound,
Yet don’t step on feeling proud..
A stranger must be humble,
Don’t try you might tumble,
Sit.. don’t talk to people..
Sit and sew yourself a red dress,
Your face so high not less..
Sewing is your first dance,
Few to view have the chance,
Winds of whispers
An end of a dance,
The land at once,
Full with fans,
The first one
....for me
A silent dance..


Raven said...

wow :)

it feels as if a little girl is being taught the old ways of tradition :)

the wierd thing is... lol madri its just the way i read it i guess, it feels as if she's not actually a little girl, more like a young woman... and people have come to see her... people seeking a girl for their son :) the old traditional way...

i could be wrong xD

bes beautiful nonetheless :)

loved the bits that rhymed xD

10/10 !!

Deema said...

you are so right about the traditional ways..
and reviewing it.. i can tell that your vision is there..
bas you will find even more beauty when you watch samry dancing
(the old kuwaiti traditional dancing)..
o you reminded me of that for i wrote this long ago o nisait what was the vivid image in my head :)

mn zman ma 5athait 10/10 :D
thank you

Reem said...

hi there!
i love how u begin with a contradictory image.. the sailor is always moving, never stable.. a land is very grounded and still.. beautiful!

i feel some sort of a struggle going on inside that girl.. maybe between tradition and the need for freedom.. sailor and boat stand for freedom, land and sand stand for tradition..
i liked it! keep'em raining ;)

Deema said...

thank you for your observation, its really nice to hear from you..
yeah about the sailor and land, well it is really strange that it can be understood also as they are both changing, for a sailor a land is always changing,,, and Also you can perceive it as an abstract of a dance (sailor= movement)(land=the ground were you dance) and you are connected to both..
wanasa i like explaining poetry it has tons of meanings ;)