Monday, 25 June 2007

Dance II

Hanged there
Touching the sand
And stiching the air
Loose your sight
And sense
The sun's trace
of a shy face
Bestows its mask
To the dusty toes
With pride
... With bias grace


The Simper said...

can this poem and the previous one by any chance expressing ur pencil or brush in ur hand dancing and dancing over the papers to produce the freezed final image of the whole dancing act of ur artistic visions?

Deema said...

as if you knew i have all my colors and pencils all around me..
i drew it right away ;)

wala y9eer '7a6rik illa 6ayib :D

The Simper said...

cooool nice lovely painting :) what is it.. water colors and crayons?

Deema said...

thank you :)
well it is made of china marker( the crayons effect), water color, black ink & pencil.. :)

glad you like it :D

Reem said...

you drew this?!?! mashallah!! very very beautiful!!
"lose your sight and sense" amazing! i do that, i lose my sense of place n time sometimes, it feels absolutely great!
loved it! great job :D

Deema said...

thank you :D
i feel happy when you comment on my work :)
..... i always have no control on my sight neither time ;)

flying somewhere

The Simper said...

hey archy! new post :P