Saturday, 21 June 2008

Bang Bang

he didn't have the time to lie,
the childish memory
so mature, wherefore I can call it ironic

the game of words
now I'm playing
not even knowing
where I'm going

a bad habit recalling
a dream repeated
and similar drawings, I only changed their colors

a sound, or was it a voice?
it all happened in a minute
or two days of yours


The Simper said...

nice song.. i have it on of my CD collections but in a bit faster remixed version.. i know u always go back to basics.. and older versions of the songs.. but u have to listen to other newER versions ;)

Deema said...

The Simper...

to be really honest... i listen to all kinds of music (all as in even the new releases from all the non expected genres!) bas whenever i wanna post something... it always a nostalgia driven madry laish!!

check out the French version.. it is also faster :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Deema!
am a second year archi student in KU and i stumbled upon your blog by coincidence while looking for a book, anyways i read a few of your entries and i like em, keep it up!

Deema said...

arch. Anonymous :)

welcome here, glad that there are some coincidences! I usually announce :)

hope i can manage to keep it up :)

Feminist™ said...

i love that song, i didnt know it had a clip ;p

her dress is like really old ;p

Deema said...


yeah me niether, i thought there might be some base to that song :)

yeah her dress is old :)

thanks for passing by :)

Anonymous said...

hi again its arch. anonymous, forgot to congratulate you on your graduation :D!!! yallah elfal lenah :(

Deema said...

inshaallaaa :)