Thursday, 23 September 2010

Mobile Curse

I was shopping for food,
I turned it silent
They continued on calling,
but they were silent
This is what it said.

At 4 pm I no longer have a car
She drove me to a café,
She called, I answered;
until 6 pm I answered,
then I called

"I am in the library,
pick me up, please. I have no car,
the book shop? OK ...
"listen! turn left, listen!....."
it turned off; low battery

"Why should I take it with me? it's off"
"There is a charger here"
Two hours later, still off
I wanted to call someone,
but it's off

I have another car now,
I also have a charger
I don't want to use it,
it's better be off;
not silent, nor public

Off and away from a dilemma,
of answering and calling,
of sending and receiving
I have no car
I have no mobile

I closed one social network account yesterday,
I closed two, 5 months ago
Becoming claustrophobic I am,
from virtual social life, or is it? I don't know
becoming a plant I am
only weather I want to know

I picked some grapes from the fridge,
apricot-flavoured yoghurt,
and tea bags:
green, white and black
Then mobile under the daily bridge..
off to work


Someday said...

and all this time I've been wondering what wrong have I've done..

Touché said...

It's the curse disguised as bless :)

Sometimes it feels like those soulless instruments actually sucking the human touch and forcing us into a parasitic relation. So it's rejuvenating to disconnect from time to time to reconnect with what slowly starts to vanish.

Deema said...


I understand


A_h! parasite it surely is