Sunday, 17 February 2008

Geomorphology أشكال سطح الأرض

Geomorphology: the study of the physical features of the surface of the earth and their relation to its geological structures.

I always been fascinated with geomorphology, it is my father's profession. and I found a stimulating connection with architecture. Today I got a lesson from him illustrated by Google Earth, and showed me the places and what are they, here some of the great formation of God from different places in the Arabian Peninsula.

Metamorphic Rocks, Aseer:

This is an extension of volcanic rocks but melt with other kinds of earth contaminants that makes rocks like schist and basalt.

Wadi Al-Duwaser:
The valley is the greenish part, it used to be water, and now it is a green land. On the right side you can see the northern edge of The Empty Quarter.

Eastern side of the Empty Quarter:

This wonderful mixture of sand and salt that was formed by the osmosis phenomena. This is the lowest area of the empty quarter, therefore, water which comes from Oman mountains goes down to concentrate here. then it continue its osmosis process that actually goes on and on until you see it in such smooth surface as you see in the following figures.

Southern Edge of the Empty Quarter:
Here you can see the end of any water effect on sand it peacefully goes on affected by wind instead. you notice the different type of earth, here it becomes more rocky until it ends down to Yemen.

This is an image of different characteristics. They are man made fields, which are created in these circular forms because of the irrigation machine they're using, which is simply like a wheel that moves parallel to the ground, and moves horizontally like a mary-go-round and sprays water downwards. these crops are very expensive they sell it for four times their price if simply imported. but it is an encouragement for people to work on agriculture.


The Simper said...

looks like few camles in the middle of the left one-third of the pic ;)

The Simper said...

i meant the first pic

The Simper said...

the 4th pic.. looks like the facade of the gugenhiem musiuem of bilbao!

The Simper said...

the 5th.. looks like the Crop Circles of England ;) but ako UFO's in our part of the world??

Deema said...


Glad you're enjoying :D

1. these are greenary, not really camels ;p
2. lol then Gerry's inspiration wasn't really from wrinkled piece of paper :P
3. well better said in the weirdest sides of our part!
(look it up in google earth)

actually the crops started up the whole conversation as i saw it from the airplane, when the pilot said that we are on Al-Qiseem. and i was shocked by those black circles.

Deema said...

btw i added another photo :)

walla its such an interesting perspective to the world.

Fa6ma said...

I hate geography, I sucked at it, I can't concentrate =D but I LUVVVED the pictures! They are awsome! Especially the last one it's like a piece of jewlery =)

Anonymous said...

Honestly I heard this word first time..but I am happy I learned something new from this post! thanks for sharing and great pictures that makes us think again about nature...

Purplecious said...
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Purplecious said...


the Eastern side of the Empty Quarter pic r amazing!

and the last pic i know these circles every time i go to KSA but they look much more HUGE in real, here at the first look i thought it was a pic of some coins at the bottom of a fountain;pP

y36eech el3afyah DomDom 3ala hal post GOOD JOB:*

Someday said...

the 4th and the last are just AMAZING!!!!
thanks for sharing!!;)

Deema said...


yeah they are really marvelous

i have no idea how you thought of the coins in the fountain though :D

i think there is a general agreement on these photos.