Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Moroccan Mandarins

Back in summer 2002, I went to Jordan with my father to attend a conference. We met many nice people among them was Prof. Abdulhadi Al Tazi, a deplomat with a long record in political science. We were going to the dead sea by bus when I saw him having a nap while his hat is covering a part of his face. I took a pen and a very small piece of paper from my father and drew him.

When he woke up my father pushed me to give it to him and i did, he was -for my surprise- very pleased by it and he took the sketchy illustration -that made with all the driving flaws- from me like a treasure, and gave me a small traditional wallet in return and wrote to me a dedication inside it (seemingly the bus trip was too long).

After this trip i rarely heard of him from my father, for they only meet in conferences and so.

Few weeks back in January this year, my father came home with a bag full of papers as usual, but he sat down beside me and told me that he have something special for me!
"the special things are usually letters or postcards from pen friends", i thought.

But he opened his bag and gave me two pieces of mandarin, and said : "this is brought for you specially from Morocco" he said proudly!

First i didn't believe him -for a joke is easily put by him- and second i was a bit tired and frustrated from work that i didn't know clearly what's going on, therefore i demanded plainly a clear explanation for i cannot understand anything!!!

So he told me that Abdulhadi Al Tazi (who is Moroccan) came to Kuwait for a visit and gave my father those mandarins to be delivered to "Deema"!

It is very pleasant to be remembered... Thank you :)


Anonymous said...

that was so nice of him to still rem u after 6 years!! I guess you sketching his pic left a great impact on him!

Deema said...


yeah, words and drawings are always end up the most remarkable in the life of a person.
as if the soul is translated into them :)

Someday said...

As simple as those gestures are they have the greatest impact and create the tenders of memories, 3alich bel3afyah;)

about your comment!
yebteyha rieght!!! they are a soul manifestation! as well as composing music!

Deema said...


alla y3afeech ;)

and about the comment, to be honest i also fear that concept for i don't know if it minimizes or surpasses thoughts and emotions.

but i believe it is after all :)


Anonymous said...

when are u drawing me speeding :D ?

Deema said...


well amu that would an empty piece of paper :D

i'll try to catch the moment though :p