Thursday, 20 August 2009

Dear www,

lots of things happening around here despite my inactivity. I went to an unusual pilgrimage. I have already 6 topics in my 'post it' to write about, until I confirm my re-existence.

my skin is tired although I don't feel its penetration inwards. I feel some struggle though.

I'm recently drawing a column.


Someday said...

funny photo :p

Nikon 8 said...

صورة معبرة جدا عن حال معظمنا
مبارك عليكم الشهر
طابوقنا اللي فوق راسنا يحتاج غربلة وإلغاء اللي ما له لزمة

Anonymous said...

thats so scary :(

Deema said...

is it!

أو أحنا جسمنا ملصّق مثل الطابوق

it is

Safeed said...

Sometimes all what you have to do is to sit :)

مبارك عليكم الشهر، و عساكم من عوّاده

The Simper said...

interesting composition..

why can't we have an exhibition on the Kuwaiti psyche? it would sound and feel very interesting! it would let us see how artists expose our daily life and magnify the matters we feel very normal with..

instead of those exhibitions selling shabasaat and chocolate and pictures?!

Anonymous said...

Ever try Reiki? There's a great place over at Salmiyah that I used to go to, where you can both Reiki and find out who you used to be in past lifetimes. Pretty amazing actually.

I did not like the picture, liked the background though.

ebreeq said...

مرحبا نص جميل
يبدوا انك تدرسين نقد
حقيقا قلماارى نصوص نقدية
واضحة المعالم او على الاقل
كتابه يعي ماقالة

صراحة جميل النص
تقبل مروري

Deema said...


أهلا بك هنا

لا أدرس النقد لكني أستعمله فيما أدرس، و لكني أدرس المعمار و الفن

و أستعمله في التفكير بالدنيا اللي حولي

و لا أدري حقا إن كان نقدا بالفعل أم مجرد إعادة صياغة للأمور

شكرا للمرور