Saturday, 29 August 2009

the holding posture

When I was a child, I used to long to my soft toy, hold it to my chest, talk to it, sleep with it, hug it and try to over hear the toys room with wonder if they ever talk to each other. I secretly asked it once if it can ever betray the toys kingdom and talk to me. And in another occasion I bargained with god to make the toy talk as a sign for his existence. Today, I looked to my mirror before going out and stroke me that my toy became a notebook.


antihero said...

See here where, not only the non-physical aspect of the toy (its mind) is blurred with your mind, but its physical aspect too.

I see you are both the toy and the notebook. They are extentions of yourself.

Nikon 8 said...

لو كاتبة اللي صار لج كقصة جان سبقتي قصة فيلم توي ستوري

Deema said...

anti hero

information, expression, and sensation

about your second point, I have another perspective to such relation/ will explain it later. here I'm not really talking about my relation to it as much "it becoming a notebook"

what I think I did in the remembering phase is that I gave more definition or temporal identity to it, coz I remember no name to any of my soft toys_ besides remembering has the phenomena of elongating the story without really mentioning a lot... so becoming a notebook just came short enough to afford the previous.... I guess...?

Nikon 8

جان صارت قصة منيّله بستين نيله