Tuesday, 6 October 2009

حرب يوم الغفران

المدرسة هي استراتيجية سياسية لمنع الأطفال من حكم العالم
A school is a political strategy to keep children from reigning over the world


Anonymous said...


Not every school; but most schools. Not every teacher; but most teachers. We've come a long way though, as people, and I'm happy about that.

The same statement, by the way, may apply to any strategically founded organization, movement, or ideology.

The media, feminism, religion (religious affiliations) .. etc.

I liked this one :-)

Anonymous said...

احب اقرا بلوقج
وما احب يطوفني شي منه
بس انا ما اقرا الا بالدوام
وما اقدر افتح الا الريدر
صفحتج ما تنفتح
ولا تنزل كلها بالريدر
ممكن تخلين الفيد كامل
عشان اقدر اقراها
شكرا جزيلا

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Fahad Al Askr said...

يمنعون اليهال وينسون يقضبون الحريم

والله حالة


مـغـاتيــــــــــــر said...

alright :-)

tell me what is the relation between the "title" and the "content" ... i know about the war but i dont know what kids schooling has to do with this war?

sologa-bologa said...

يعتمد مدارس حكومة ولا خاصة؟؟

Deema said...


well it is just the broader sense of it, we don't have to look specific :)



done :)



الريايل كان على بالهم لا تزوجو الحريم يقدرون يقضبونهم




hehehe, yeah i wondered why no one asked about this ;p

well.. I just wrote the name of the post, then this school perception came to mind, I couldn't relate them so I just put them together as incongruous it may seem :)



و الله مافي فرق طالما هناك منهج يُدَرّس و قوانين تُحفظ و مسائل يجب أن نحلها

إذا علّموا الأطفال صناعة المسائل و المشاكل تضمن أنهم سيغزون العالم

Seema* said...

وجهة نظر غريبة.

Would that mean you're for ruling the world? or against kids schooling?

Deema said...


I'm for "kids" ruling the world, and against schooling ;p

Anonymous said...


What do you propose as opposed to a schooling system? And don't say nothing; there has to be an alternative.

Anonymous said...

Don't bother answering.

But youtube "Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?".

That oughta put a dent in our kids' minds.

Deema said...

I would do a local traveling school (not one place to go) no books to distribute, but a notebook they will write.

everyday they should form a question that can be formed out from their play, dance, see, do, and their experiments..

and they can illustrate their books..

I will teach them writing before reading, meaning that I will write for each child his own question, and he should learn how to write it underneath!

yes, I saw this lecture like a year ago. and I agree with him..

mistakes is the best thing kids can make.... we should embrace it..

Hitman1 said...

I was wondering myself what exactly the relation between the title and post and couldn't figure it out... It was a relieve to see your reply to someone else asking the same question.

Stop confusing us... we have enough share of life confusions already :)

Anonymous said...


Be my teacher and educate me :-)

What a way to go about it.

Deema said...

Hitman 1

ok I'll confess, it was my birthday, I always associate my birthday -or it is already associated- with 6 October war of Sina'a Egypt, but this is the first time I know it is called "7arb yom il'3ufran" coz the Egyptians attacked in the religious day of Jews that's called yom kippur when everybody was off duty,

i love the irony of that event..

yom kippur happened only twice to meet with 6 october in the past 40 years, those were 1973 (the war), and 1984 (my birthday year)!

... then i got into political readings about the war and how it started and all, and this lead me to think about and remember what did they teach us in school..

and how we perceived the heroic part of the Arabic moves, and never thought of the scene as a whole..

and then I got to this simple result :)

Deema said...


more than welcome :D

I'm already teaching for the coming months..

Deema said...

btw, the photo is taken in Cambridge 31 July '09 where I suddenly found my cousin's daughter in a coincidence.. and the photo isn't photoshoped these grains are the original film's grains. :)

Awakenings said...

Happy Birthday! better now than never

there is a fine line of contradiction when we claim to protect those innocent creatures -or so called children- by offering them a better deal yet we say "they should form a question", "should" is another bit of regulation that they could do without. If we really want to free up the birds..

life without books -or even the smell of them- is not something my mind has the courage to even imagine

Its the fear of change kids are not treated differently over the years.. but, as they say (if you always do what you always did, you will always get what you would always got)!

The Simper said...

life is a maze..
people are the same and different..
no one formula can be applied to all..

them thoughts came to thy mind..

and this song came running to my head while pondering ur post.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUASiDg-kg4

Anonymous said...

Miss Deema,

Came in here with a pro-student advice for you, seeing as you're a teacher an' all.

You probably already know this, but please refrain from using big words while teaching students, especially if they're non-native English speakers.

After introducing her course, our professor asked if there were any questions. I immediately raised my hand and said that she was too "wordy" for me to fully understand and participate. She wasn't a show-off or anything, just a fresh graduate who's used to a journal-like dialogue.

She was very pleased and taught accordingly. It also turned out that all of my peers felt the same way.

Encourage your students to speak up; a students' feedback is most valuable. But it doesn't stop there; encourage every teacher you know to do the same.

Forgive my presumptuous nature.

Deema said...


thanks for your wishes ^-^
well i didn't say that i expose them to a life without books,
rather i wouldn't impose a book called "kitab madrasy" if they're to study the can study a normal book not ,ade specifically to meet children's minds.


The Simper,

*singing along*



Thanks :D

it's a design class, no need to be wordy here as much as visual..

:) we do drawing exercises, examples from life, or maybe fantasies!, site visits, discussing over models..

so i cannot fully call it teaching, it comes so natural when you speak of things you like.. and comes responsive to the students ideas, so you can say I'm just an evaluator.. :)

thank you I like critics, and feel normal and healthy when they come out.. :)

Anonymous said...

If all teachers were like you, all our kids would turn brilliant and competent adults.

Art. Yikes :-)

Deema said...

i wish i can teach children :)

i'm teaching in the uni., which is a bit easier :)

thank you Anon.