Thursday, 1 October 2009

page 108


Anonymous said...


Just got outta class and saw this.

Journals, my arch enemy. And morphology? How morbid. Took me back to a linguistics course I took.

Pass. Big time.

Deema said...


'here' is a place, sometimes you stay long, sometimes you make it short :)

Anonymous said...

Come again? You may write in Arabic.

Deema said...

if you read page 108 you will see that it is very beautiful and light and not really as you have expected..

Anonymous said...

Wordy. I hate wordy :-)

"Memories tie us to that place .. it's personal. Not interesting to anyone else." That was the best line.

I kinda went through similar classes that talked about that. Not linguistics though. Theories about personal pictures and what they represent to us vs. what they were in actuality.

Like you look at a picture of you and your siblings smiling. You only perceive the picture as wonderful and capture that moment only. You don't recall that earlier the same day, for example, your brother had punched you and knocked your tooth out.

Interesting class. But very theoretical and I'm all about practices and "testing out theories" rather than makin' 'em up. Hands on I guess.

Deema said...

I'm very imperical i suppose, but there is only one thing,

you always refer to morphology as linguistic theory, it is not only that, in fact i get a geographical understanding to morphology, as in geomorphology and anthromorphology..

the page talks about everyday experience, I don't see any theory in that, if you want to call it so you can call it a descriptive theory? for it describes actual behaviors, relations..