Monday, 28 September 2009

خلينا في كان يا ما كان

ذهبتُ إليها بائسةً أشكو كرهي للأغاني. أقول لها أن صوت مكيّف الهواء صار يؤثر فيّ أكثر. أعطيها جهاز الأغاني كي تحوله شيئا آخر لا أعهده، لا أريد أن أسمع أغنية سمعتها في تاريخ سابق، لا أريد، لا أريد، صارت تؤذيني

فأسمعتني هذه، و قالت أنها ستعالجني، كانت مهتمة جدا لشكواي فهي تظن أن كره الأغاني ظلم بحق النفس، و حرمان و ضيق. إن هذه الأغنية حالة حاجة إلى الأساطير و القصص، الحاجة إلى من يحكي من غير عبرة و لا برهان أو سبب، يروي و كفى


Dalal Arch said...

I cant believe you posted Dima Orshos link next to that disgusting slow sneezing video !!!

Deema said...

lol dallol 3ad masheeha I like it ;p

Fahad Al Askr said...

رحم الله والديج ووالدي رفيجتج

عندي آي بود نانو ملوع جبدي لاني عارف أحشيه أغاني ولا أمسح اللي عليه

تكفين شوفي صاحبتج إذا تدبر لي صرفة فيه مثل ما لقت لج دبرة بالآيبود مالج، لأني مفترض إن جهاز الأغاني اللي قلتي عنه مو ووكمان


Anonymous said...

Agree with Dalal; there simply is no comparison between Massi and Orsho's performance and the two songs in general. Besides, I didn't like the way Massi combines Algerian language with Western music; doesn't mesh well.

I usually like to broaden my horizons when it comes to music and listen to new things. Now I know not to play any of your music videos; they're too sad and desperate :-)

Dalal Arch said...

Fahad, I would love to help you out with your ipod :)
Anon, Actually I was refering to the links on the right column in her blog and a video of slow motion sneezing. I love suad massi and her experiments, as well as Rima Kcheich when she tried to sing bjork's song Isobel in arabic. I even liked it more than bjorks.
Also Lena chamamyan singing songs from syrian tradition with a modern jazz insturments is the closest thing to perfection in my mind.
But there's still a place in my heart for jahida wehbe and Dima orsho. I love all the ladies above and I embrace their music :)

Deema said...


أنتا وياها تنيازون، كاهي عندك

I love Suad massi, and Dima and every music that vibrates my skin, if you think about it Dima also is singing Opera which is also western with Arabic lyrics, and if you think about it even more, you would see that Mohammed Abdulwahab was doing so too in some of his work, and Samia Jamal did this even as a belly dancer, layering western music to her Arabic movements or the opposite.. I love experiments in art works..

besides the geography of regions is wonderful view on people's art production :)

and about posting sad songs, well I'm not always the same person! so don't depend on my recent mood to judge ;p

@alhaidar said...

راقية فقو ما كنت اتصور ..

شكرا لك ولصديقتك على نقلنا إلى هذا العالم الجميل ..

تحياتي ..

Anonymous said...

I love the ladies, but not their music; too girly :-P

Deema said...

I like heavy metal too... tara

Anonymous said...

"I like heavy metal too... tara"

I like your use of language, "tara" at the end of your statement, to reflect certainty.