Saturday, 19 September 2009

a child's focal

hold on
like a mannequin in a shop
don't breath
don't roll your eyes
don't blink

your skin is plastic
your hair is nylon

your ears upend
listening to your heartbeats

people are passing by
yet you cannot see them
you loose focus
movement prevails
trying to penetrate
inward and outward

still skin

still skin

still skin

and when your muscles have stiffen
and when no one is around
you go and hide yourself
between arrays of similar cloths


الزين said...

ماره اعايد فيج

كل عام وانتي بخير بعد قلبي


Deema said...


عساك من عواده :*

Dalal Arch said...

your post does feel like what children go through during Eid......
or maybe its me seeing everything through Eid

Deema said...

it is simply a looking back to what i used to do at salmiyah safeway ;p

Awakenings said...


this has little to do with kids.. this goes to show, OUT LOUD.. that some people remain restricted and controlled by parents..

it doesnt matter if they are 6 or 60, they r still the little dwarfs! or at least treated like ones

the nice part is only good parents these days tend to do that!

Eid, yes ofcourse
ليس العيد لمن لبس الجديد..انما العيد لمن أمن الوعيد

Deema said...


I agree :)

العيد لمن آمن من جديد