Saturday, 5 July 2008

A Story, of a pixel

Once upon a time there was a little pixel on a brand new TV. She was very hyper and colorful, so an old lady got that TV. She thought it would be nice for her family evening, as the old lady wasn't that interested in that TV. The pixel was only allowed to show her talent once a week. In fact, the world of pixels happens to have its ultimate excitement to watch the people in front of them. But the little pixel that is much more excited than the others (maybe because she's in the center) got extremely bored, and tried to mark some plans with her neighbors. She was very clever, whenever the TV is closed she tries her all power to keep it on, although her energy is very much lower than the major one.
The family has two brothers and one sister. The sister was always pale and sad. The family were watching their regular TV episode "days of our life" (the one that never ends) and the pixel was studying their faces very well, trying to read their glances and emotions, and happens to find a great engrossment by a little kid standing just so close that cannot be defined. So the pixel all of a sudden got REALLY SCARED of the very very close face, which made it produce a very irritating glow and made the other pixels run down except her. She couldn't maintain back her regular scheme, and the little kid was still amazed. She suddenly felt s_o free to move, she didn't know anything about 3d movement so she fell down.................. into _the _kid’s_eyes!
Of course the family didn’t give the slightest attention to what just happened. “Oh grandma!” the brother said, “can't she ever have something new”, and they changed the subject, coz the glow wasn't that significant to reach them. The kid, who is a very curious little fellow, is now playing with his eyes trying to remove this colored image he suddenly started to see! He sees life with much more saturation than ever, but doesn't know why (well, he wasn’t old enough to lay it back to caffeine). The pixel was like in HEAVAN, for the kid was able to move, which rarely happens when she was in the stupid TV. The kid went outside, it was a golden afternoon. so from the pixel power and the great amount of light outside the places around it felt so cartoonish. He got an hour of wonderment, for he started to see things with very rich colors, but after this hour his eyes got so tired. He couldn't bear this amount of light in his eyes so he fell asleep on the grass............. So the pixel started to wonder about this short and VERY exciting experience she had! She felt sorry for her friends as she cannot perform perfectly without them...... but....... she CAN perform differently!!
All those thoughts in her mind until she suddenly mocked by_a_little frog, then a bird, an elephant came and stepped on her by mistake! She freaked out “what is it about?!” she asked the frog, he replied in a royal tone "it is my pleasure to introduce you to the Queen of Nonsense!"
The pixel wasn't really sure where is the queen she looked forward but only saw herself magnified. "She is from the greatest family of lenses" the frog then explained. As you know, the pixel is a fearful little thing, when she saw her face back magnified she was terrified but this time the frog calmed her down and said: “it’s alright, her majesty is very pleased to see you here” he continued in a more dramatic way than it already was, “You are the power we were always waiting for, in the last two years of this kid’s life there was a great fight between nightmares and pleasant dreams so all our dream equipments went down, and the kid sees no more dreams so it is in your hand to bring back the dreamland for him.
The pixel felt burdened, but soon her experimental habit started to flourish, at first she was borrowing stuff from what he sees during the day and reflects it at night. Again, as the kid was very curious, he, starting to see dreams again, gave reviews to his mom every day, but only the pixel was listening. So as the day reflex was boring to him, she started to change positions, of things his father in the water pocket, his mother on the roof, but even that didn't really satisfy the little pixel. She thought and thought, and AHA! Because this dreamland has a lot of characters who lost their jobs she thought of gaining back their presence.
There was already very weird ones, and there is the ordinary life in front of her in the morning so what if a pink elephant went to work or a the clumsy dinosaur cooked the food but, no no, this wouldn’t be as exciting as when the kid moves. So .... she decided to take notes of all the places that a kid cannot reach, and until she reached this level of knowledge..... she as well gained a good traveling skills, she leaves the kid in the morning to places around him, she was there in the floor lamb, jumps to the window, just in order to see the places the little kid was ignorant about, or couldn't really have the chance or the scale to see, for you know as a little kid it is always hard to look over a crowd, or outside the window, or even in the bathroom mirror. Only since the characters had officially had jobs, for it is not a stimulation of what the kid sees... but a totally different realm, and only since, the mother started to listen to his reviews.


Anonymous said...

Very well written....I really feel should go ahead and make a short video on this...and I can be the lil boy :P

Deema said...

..:amu::.. well i see it more of a movie you are so not mistaken about that, and about the boy.... it depends on your scale, or whether you will approve on scaling you down :D

Someday said...

what happened to the pixel?

Deema said...



I don't know..