Thursday, 10 July 2008

while reading Nietzsche: A Thought

Sometimes, or rather frequently, we reach a preconception that what we reached so far is the ultimate understanding among the past knowledge we had. And following time will always for the good and better. On the contrary, a deterioration in one's life will not be ever raised, a black dot, never re concealed.

What makes this impression in human nature dominant, is the very nature of rejection of the means of communication between the knowledge of memory, the shift of understandings between your madness state to your sanity state.

the most communicative binary of states is adulthood and childhood, either when an adult remembers a perception from childhood, or a child aspires the perception of an adult, but yet we call it irony. a trigger that won't produce something new to the nature of both states, but it will.

It is then another perception to life occurs, where the plasticity of time is being experienced. where no particular time tells you how correct are you. but rather the relationship of ideas and the transmutation between them that matters. it brings us to a level beyond good or bad, which delves into the degrees of collision between this and that to the emergance of a new line or fusion of lines in the diagram of a life.


Anonymous said...

This post made me regret never having a diary.
I think its vital to have this "plasticity" in the line of thought to master this journey between memory and knowledge.
I always doubt this preception that my current knowledge surpass any previouse ones I had, but sometimes its this hopeful naivety in human nature that makes us all think that way.
but i diary can solve this dilemma :P

Deema said...

and a diary will prove you that memory can afford a lot of densed factors that are the derived factors of the impulses of realizations or new thoughts.

a diary is my prove, but i got into this conclusion from a dialog. forces of difference, just as those differences exist in memory or a diary.

miss you

Anonymous said...

I'll be back sooner than you think :))))))

Anonymous said...

I am glad we are getting a ne blogger soon :)

Someday said...

:’) I get to this revolutionary stage that trivialize the discovery made just before it as being the grandest
it makes life more interesting, it put one self in it’s place, as after the latest discovery you go under the illusion of, I know it all!

there is knowing, which most of us posses, and after comes understanding, and then there is some other stage, estey3ab, by that connections get cleared, and it carries the power to act!

Irony to me is magnificent, it makes perfect sense, stands at the end to explain the beginning