Friday, 8 August 2008



White Wings said...

حكايات عالمية
من أجمل الأعمال التي تم انتاجها للأطفال
شكرا لك

Someday said...

this story, I've seen it portrayed in many paintings, that's how I got to know about it, these are the kind of windows that we need to nourish a child mind! mo Barny!!

Deema said...

white wings

بالتأكيد! و عفواً


i searched about roman and greek mythologies represented by this cartoon seies, and i liked this one, fy wa7da ba3ad a7ibha, called
سباق الغزل

when my nephews and nieces come to us.... killa a5aleehom eshofona, chood! :D

Anonymous said...

Demooh you got me addicted, I think I watched at least 25 episodes since you posted this video.

Deema said...

Dalal Arch..

nafs il7alaa i've been really addicted like 2-3 mnths ago, and then i started watch them again ... :D

Big Pearls said...

miss 7ababa..

Anonymous said...

The video looks nice I need to search for more such videos on youtube!

Deema said...

big pearls..


there are a lottttt