Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Dear www,

Today, me and my sister decided to open a window in our room that remained close for many years, in fact it is rarely open because there is a curious palm tree which wants to get involved with our daily activities. We opened it, and that what we found.


Someday said...

OMG they are so precious!
I had doves by my window once! loved them for about a day and then hated them the day after!! they were so noisy! but I guess yours are much quieter and peacful1!

eshda3wa said...


i love birdieeez

Deema said...


9ij walla... i like to get up, so i like the noise of them unless they do creeky sounds :P

eee wa3alayyaa yaksiroon il5a6ir.

shiftay! e walla yshowgoon, mga3ideen chithee chinhom ib 3azeema

SolaimaN said...

استبعد جدا ان يكون الاختيار عشوائي
فقديما قالوا ،، الجار قبل الدار
اختيار الطيور لجيرانهم كان

Deema said...


hehe mashkoor :)

the.thinker said...

هالله هالله فيهم :) صيري أمهم عاد لما يكون عندها شغل .. بيبي ستر .. لوول ..

؛> يعطيج العافية

تسلم ايدج ^_^

Anonymous said...

Wow they look cute!

Deema said...

the thinker:

ma twa9y 7aree9
bs fraikhat likuwait id3al 5ofik tgarib minhom ymooton :P


they arrre