Friday, 24 October 2008

First Rainy Day!

A few minutes after midnight, coming back from a friend's wedding. Getting off the car, I looked as usual to the dark sky but it is not dark anymore. "Clouds! Clouds!" I said happily to my mother but she was a bit anxious because we're having some construction work on the roof. For the few last days I was having a sense of rain, even though the sky was clear. I felt so great that a sign of it appeared.
with the morning I woke up and went to my mother's window, I looked to the sky and said: "Cloudy day!".
"Rainy day!" said my mother, I looked to the ground and wow! the beautiful wet ground. so excited that I wanted to dance. I went out to our courtyard to smell the scent of rain, and then to the roof. I love the white sky!

I feel myself altogether.

Even though my mother was anxious yesterday, she seems in a wonderful mood loving the weather and opening all the windows..

Happy Rain for all..


Purplecious said...

Rain! Finally!

el7amdlellaaaaaaaaaaaah :))

loved the pic :*

Big Pearls said...