Saturday, 31 January 2009


Dear Simper,
[until shorter posts]

when a woman cannot express what she really feels, she blabbers. I'm a busy friend to busy friends, who cannot meet in weekends, so even blabbering time is hard to find. Although I enjoy being a loner in my daily activities, yet when it takes too long, under several levels of pressure, things just slip out of control.


Anonymous said...

Allah ye3ench :) I like this simple and you said it all about your life these days!

nikon 8 said...

أزمة وتعدي
لاحقين على هذرتج الحلوة

The Simper said...

Dear Deema,

Thanks for the note. I really wish you more times to be classified as REALLY pleasent, relaxing, and full of clear thoughts ;)

As for the included song with your direct and clear post, I can assure you while writing this reply that it has put me into a relaxing mood ;) Lovely selected song ;)

Best of Regrds,

3aroob ;) said...


i totally feel the same!!!!

Deema said...



nikon 8,
بتييكم الهذرة، بس هالبوست طيبة خاطر حق اللي ما يحبون الهذرة

The Simper,
ashwa :D
that day i listened to jazz all day.. it's really healthy!

well just to clarify, i can sit for a whole day without talk.. without anything.. but this time it is a bit of a special case when i feel so..

3aroob ;),

:D welcome to the club
thanks for passing by :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I just can't wait to be by myself! And a good friend sent me a U-Tube of Satchmo doing What a Wonderful World - a total mood changer.

nikon 8 said...

ديمة ترا فاقدينج ... وينج ؟
كل هذا لاهية مع عبد العزوز
ترا الخط وايد صغير حاولي تكبرينه