Tuesday, 29 December 2009

|Tæ'boõq| طابوق

This exhibition was held on the 1st and 2nd of December '09 when it traveled from Derwazat Abdulrazzaq pedestrian subway to Safat Square at Kuwait City. it is a photography exhibition that acts as an observational phase of a further architectural study on placement and displacement thus evaluating facades patterns designed during the 1960s to anticipate visions on urban planning.

The exhibition will be held at sultan gallery on Tuesday 5th of Jan 2010 at 7pm. It will showcase the photographs along with videos of the two days exhibition in Kuwait city.

Hope to see you there!


Nikon 8 said...

وايد حلو
سمعت عن جمال أماكن المعرضين اللي فاتوا
راح أحضر هذه المرة إنشاء الله
على فكرة كان في بيتنا واحد
مثله وشلناه من ثلاث سنين
بسبب إزعاج الحمام وتعشيشهم داخله

The Simper said...

good luck :)

u should do the "identify this building" contest? ;)

Deema said...

Nikon 8
شكرا شكـــرا :)

The Simper
hahahaha noo it will be a hard time remembering the information this time :D, for I will put the image details inshallah

Q80-Chill Girl said...

I wish you all the best! I'm sorry I didn't write about it when I went to it at the time, I hope my post today will make up for it and bring more people to see your exhibition because it is a very creative one! Simple yet innovative, gave me a nostalgic leap over time in the few minutes I was there!

Kudos dear and wish u all the best :D

Deema said...

Q8 Chill-Girl,

Thank you for attending the exhibition, and for you wonderful post, it filled me with fresh air a mid of many working days :D

thanks for spending time on this walla I really appreciate it! :**

Q80-Chill Girl said...
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Q80-Chill Girl said...


تستحقين كل كلمة و حرف، و سامحيني على القصور و التاخير :) حيل مقدرة مجهودك في نشر الثقافة، نفحة رقي نحتاجها بالكويت، يعطيج العافية

Awakenings said...

I tend to keep my expectation levels low in order to avoid disappointment but, i kept it high evening because i know what this lady is capable of.. suprise suprise, this Exhibition even exceeded my expectations

fantastic level of energy, enthusiasm, desire, committment and attention to details is noticable

was a delightful occasion to say the very least :) thank u

Deema said...


thanks :) I really appreciate it that you came..

Anonymous said...

hi deema,

i unfortunately wasn't able to attend. are you going to post anything online?

Deema said...


hi, yes sure I will do that next week for I'm traveling today.. :)