Friday, 9 July 2010


Today, my family and I went to the beach, and while laying down reading in the shade, my sister brushed the sand with her foot and appeared a silvery circle. "a wedding ring" she guessed apathetically, so I picked it up as it was within my hand's reach_and it was really a silver wedding ring written on it:

SA.RI 14/04/08

it was a very small ring though, it can only get into my little finger. My sister was surprised then as she said what she least expected. I took it to the reception in the end of the day, I wish they find the person who lost it.


Seema* said...

That makes me wonder if she intentionally lost it or it was by accident.
Maybe it was meant to be lost, and found by your sis.

I hope you guys enjoyed your time! :")

Deema said...

i think it's for a he (coz it's silver) but yeah we had this discussion as well, whether it was intended to be lost, but well if it is so, i think it is also meant to be found.. lets see

thanks we did :D

Awakenings said...

maybe the ring belong to a couple who wanted this ring to be buried in the sand and be left there!
maybe this ring was an example of deception in the name of love!
maybe this ring was stolen!
maybe this ring was part of a treasure finding game that you and your sister ruined!
maybe it was thrown from a ship!
maybe it belonged to a gay couple!
maybe they didnt want their ring to be handled by your sister's feet neither your own fingures or even the reception staff!
the maybe list is have only assumed one maybe in your action :)

moral of all this, we react to events based on our instinct, yet.. our instinct may not be the Right/Correct course of action.. simply because its based on assumptions not facts!

Deema said...


lol, well yeah I admit I have only followed one thought, but well, having it in my fingers made me a part of it in a way, and I may not know what really is the story unless I give it to the lost and found..

the ring is a symbol of connection and separation that's why it is very critical to deal with..

I surrender to common sense this time :-)

DK said...

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