Sunday, 15 July 2007

Design Story

Photo: Qaytubai Castle, Alexandria-Egypt, 2005
Story: Design I Class [Project:Wall of Life],2004


Reem said...

first of all thanks for ur beautiful meaningful comments! i always look forward to read them!

this is amazing!! we do grow up to forget our childhood, bs it always feels like this safe place that we tend to go back to..
it can be a wall, a rock, a pillow ;p or anything

GREAT JOB sweety!!

Deema said...

hala w '3ala :)

direct vise versa :D

this something that pulls you back to childhood, something comes from the unknown question.
in adulthood your questioning process is very less rich and hyper than your childhood phase. so it is mostly and simply "a question" that brings all richness of a child in you :)

THANK YOU sweety !

The Simper said...

did u turn to poetry to help find a concept design? ;)

this time i can't think well :P

Deema said...

The Simper:

well the Dr asked us to create a wall of life a wall that can solve a problem, so i created a story that can lead me to a concept. and from this i actually built my model :)

i like to write my image before working on my design.. it gives you a structure.


Hitman1 said...

Hi there, I didn't know you're a poetry fan :)

Deema said...

well, not excatly ... i have some fairies helping me out :D (jk)
architecture,drawings,photography,poetry and the new. but nt news _these are my interests

(btw i took this image in Qaytubi Castle in Alexandria,Egypt)

thanks for stepping by :)