Thursday, 12 July 2007

my lens:The Nile through Cairo,Egypt 2005

Time is always passing with images and sounds. Images and sounds are related to our memory or imagination. Consequences are always either predicted or unpredicted.

But what happen if we cross the time line by another one, in the same place?
What if a country life found in the middle of a city?
And yet it is not an event, it is rather an adapted scene and all the rupture is in your head.


Reem said...

i fell in love with egypt years ago.. i take long walks there, going nowhere.. i talk to people, they're soooo rich mn da5l..
i love to find a glimpse of smth cuttin its way into another thing, arbitrary..
i still sense it.. its smell, its sounds, the way it feels, it is very vivid..

absolutely beautiful dear :*

The Simper said...

a lovely shot.. i loved the reflection of the sun through the water.. BUT i wouldn't lay a finger in that water with all those horses washing up there :P

the people were waving to u??? :P

Deema said...

my father studied there and got his BhD for eleven years, and i only got there once!
but we had a good tour.
one time i will post some of my diaries in Egypt.

thank you dear reem :)
lots of stuff to share with you from Egypt,yet to be posted ;)

Deema said...

The Simper:
lovely observation :)

ofcourse! but referring to me i would think twice for i love horses ;)

we were on a boat that's why they're waving to us bas madry itha shafony :D

Patrick Semaan said...

Nice flow of purple. Nice nature shot too, but ain't liking the surroundings (too messy n dirty) but I guess that has its beauty too, sort of a sharp contrast..
"Lost, yesterday, somewhere between Sunrise and Sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is offered, for they are gone forever." [Horace Mann]

Reem said...

my dad allah yr7ma got his PhD from Egypt too!!

Deema said...

patrick semaan:
i'm glad that you told me that it has a good contrast coz i kanda anxious about it, i don't usually sense the beauty in distant scenaries but i thought that this has an unusual theme.
WOW i like the quote ! beautiful let me think that time is kinda symmetrical

Oh really! alla yir7uma wain kan daris?
my father studied geography in Cairo :)