Tuesday, 3 July 2007

my lens: Gold Shop (Watya), Kuwait

"Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best."
-- Henry Van Dyke


Raven said...

An old man's profession... nothing more beautiful :)

I fell in love with the quote aswell! so true!

Deema said...

you should've seen me taking this photo, :D i didn't want him to notice so i took my shot behind the front window ;) with my trypod and everything ..
it is great to go around kuwait with your camera.. everything is real :)

archloxx said...

hi DEEEEMz ;) whats up ... yea it is obvious he didn't notice you... lol

otherwise it could have been an indian movie over there ;)

Deema said...

HEEEY thank you for stepping by ;)

i took this picture back in 2005, and a week ago i was there in watya with my mom and sis.. and guess what he was there in his same position!! mashallah.. i think am gonna go again but with a digital camera as he is very photogenic .. and static :P


The Simper said...

did any one take a pic of u while taking that shot? ;) i wana see that pic if it exists ;);)

i love the pic.. it is really a nice shot.. shows the creativity of the shooter ;)

but u know what people always do.. pin point some stuff about the pic that needs a reply from u .. here we go:

** i think the man's head is dead in the center. if u have moved ur lens 1 cm left and 1 cm down, maybe u can have some space in front of him and not much space behind him.. BUT what saved the scene, is the blackness behind him on the top right corner of the pic.. it kinda balances the shot and makes it kinda balanced with the blackness of his head and the blackness in the other corner down/left..

somehow, i like the value of the shot and the unfocused glare ;)

lovely work :)

Deema said...

thank you for your ever good observation.. :)
and i think that on the left was a door so it will bring the frame of the door which wasn't a good choice but you are right.. it also can be burned a bit from the right but when i took it i thought the man being in the middle is a better way to understand the image in its depth as the blury foreground that gave the depth of field is doing lots of confusion about the subject..
and also i was considering the four standsof necklesses that are above .. if i moved one cm i will not hve the jewel right in the corner

and all of this is a mixture between what i remember from back then and what think now..:)
btw it is the first photo i submitted in our photography class and the funny thing is that the first project is about framing :D

thank you :) looking forward

Reem said...

i love the quote!
hmm y3ni i can still do what i want to do even if i can't do it best, huh?

i like the pic.. very creative!

Deema said...

:) well i understand that it means mastering the talent you possess..
and avoiding perfoming in roles that doesn't resemble your line..
and find what is real talent in you and work on that.

but when you say best it means best of what YOU can do .. not comparing yourself to other people who master the same profession as yours.

Hitman1 said...

Hey Deema,

I like your blog theme and you sure know how to express yourself. I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy visiting this blog :)

Did you take the picture?

Deema said...

thank you very much :) i'm glad you like it O hathy ilsa3a limbarika :D
yes i took this shot from soug ilwa6ya in one of my wandering tours about kuwait city :) it was my first submission in photography class.

thanks again i really appretiate your blog,and do appretiate your comments :)

Patrick Semaan said...

Nice shot, good moment.