Wednesday, 11 July 2007

A Nock on My Door

Dear WWW,


Yesterday, one of the wonderful friends i have brought me this:

I want to share with you those muffins and tell you that the world still have glimpses of peace and love, the world is still thankful and assert that light will always shed on the dark without a vise versa, by simply being nice.

But yesterday it was nice and SWEET!

Thank you dear friend



The Simper said...

9a77a ;) 3awaafi ;)
i see couple of them missing.. :P

where r they from?

Deema said...

The Simper:

Alla e3afeek :)

(about the missing ones>>chakaitik! 3awafi) :D

ba3d iltasa2ulat w ilta7ryat ela ilaan nadry inna ohwa mn chocolate bar.
bas i heard that there is a new shop for muffins in AL-Fanar called "joujou's".

tara hatha ilmuffin lamma tagrima e9eer mn da5il fy shwaya vanilla.
and i know that in chocolate bar they have the inverse of it.
and it is good that you actually respect!
ya3ni you live a moment of eating one piece of it aday :P
it has the perfect amount of everything.

The Simper said...

ce joliii.. ce tres antegheso :P bajarib-hom today..

about eli bil fanar.. never ate from it. but shakil el mukan mo shay.. wiya karasiya el green wil pink. u try them and tell me how they taste!?

Deema said...


well i will go and look itha ma shawagny ma ra7 a5ith !

abay waaait mo ily ta7at ily m5arrib 3ala intre cott, gosh! wigaf thak ilyom ati6annaz 3ala karasya ashkara :S
bas yalla i will check ba3ad shasawy... :)
mercooo... ;)

Deema said...

today i went to both JuJu's and chocolate bar.
the one she brought me was from JuJu's, they have two best sellers; the ones i show(really good) and the caramel bas i tried the caramel and i find it ok(average)
BUT, i highly recommend "chocolate bottom cupcake" from chocolate bar.
it's the BEST!