Saturday, 21 July 2007

my lens: Amghara, Kuwait

The image is in front of you, but i'd rather describe it: Two men in a place very much like a train station, from the point of perspective there is a striking light. the two men instead, looking the other side, where nothing but dark. they are sitting in the farthest distant away from light. Their faces are exclaiming in a low degree. Their expression is very similar, despite their difference in age.


Patrick Semaan said...

Nice shot.
I would of taken another shot of a close up of their faces.

iDip said...

Beautiful !

but if you use a better camera, it would turnout much "crispier"

The Simper said...

looks like a photo from National Geographic with an article on underpaid workers ;)

show us more from the hiden reserves of ur artistic endeavours :P

Deema said...

patrick semaan:
thank you, well the moment of their faces were instant so you can never get another one :D besides there was alot of action in that place, so my shots were almost racing!

if i have a photo close to the phase in this place i will place it.

welcome to my blog! i'm glad you find so :)
and i totally agree it was taken by a 5.2megapixel, but i hadn't had my SLR yet. :/
i think it could be much crispier with the same camera if it has less depth..
thanks alot :D

Deema said...



Inshallah I will :D
(ma twa9i 7aree9)

The Simper said...

here u go..

doesn't it look like ur pic??

antihero said...

I love it.. simple and the contrast between human and materials is so good.. that's how I see it. I'm not very good with "interpreting" or "reading" photographs although I am currently working on learning to become one. I posted a picture on my blog.. it would be great if you could come by and tell me what you think :)

Deema said...

the simper:)
mmm tabeeny a6ib ibshi'3ly?

inzain i'll give you this
the skin tone is amazing! and the colors are great.

it would be greater if i took it by a better camera..
bas as a theme i can say yeah it can be something as good..

gaudi:) from behind :) amazing, you can't find a gaudi building behind builders here in kuwait :P

thanks wayed simper :D
i liked your comment wayed :D

Deema said...


Welcome to my blog! and for your good observation. i think the fact that they were wearing pale or dark colors made their faces pop out in their warmer shade :)

and ofcourse i will :D
thanks alot

The Simper said...

hey! i keep learning and remebering about my forgoten architecture every tme i pass by ur site :P

antonio gaudi? yess.. o ana agool wain shayif hal building :P he has another low rising weird looking fascade.. but nice designs :)

here is something for u.. name 3 most loved designs for a high rise.. and post them as a subject ;)

i wana see ur top 1 pick or 3 or 5.. u call it ;)

Hitman1 said...

Nice shot,

what in god's name where you doing in Amghara though?

Deema said...

The Simper:
-i'm glad you do :)
-Gaudi has a theory that architecture should be merged from nature, that's why they look organic!
-hmmm what an interesting request, i'll try to do it although i dojn't think that high rise buildings are proper to be built if we consider vertical urbanism with the planning strategy.

in short i'll give it a shot

Deema said...

we were in a feild trip to the precast concrete factory. it was for materials and construction class. we went to many factories here in town, very interesting. and we delt with many blacksmiths and carpenters in shwaikh..
it's a taugh profession for a female but i love it!
it brings action to your life :D

Raven said...

Hard work... the real flesh and blood behind the scene... the people we never notice... the people who never get remembered for whatever means of comfort they build for us...

Your photo means something to me... looking at it makes me believe that for all those people that humanity seems to ignore... there is a light at the end of the tunnel, because they built it.

Deema said...

yeah, i never thought of it this way :)

Two meanings for it playing in my mind. the first one is pritty platonic, and the other is more like thaey chose not to be seen by light as if they have the confidence to be satisfied with the dark.

Reem said...

woooow i love it!!
u have an eye for this mashallah!
the way the light is coming from the opposite way is just BRILLIANT!!!
shows how hard their lives are, n how difficult it is to look at the bright side when u r leadin such lives..
loved it!! :*

Deema said...

wow i never thought that this image is that subjective!

each person sees it in a completely different manner!

i love the way you saw it, pritty comprehensive :)
thanks alot

Anonymous said...

amazing....keep it up...:)

Deema said...


thank you :)
____________welcome to my blog

Raven said...

deeeeeeeeema, yalla new post 7ajjeya xD