Tuesday, 9 October 2007

ديسمبر 2006

مشيت على نفس الطريق
الذي مسحت خطوطه
قبل سنة
عاتبتني السماء
لكني تجاهلت
فتهاديت.. بلا مرجع
و لا معتبر
فقدماي اعتادتا هذي الحفر
اعتادتا غضب الماء فيها
ينهال بكبرياء الثريا
و ينكسر
.. لكنهما اشتاقتا إليه
فغازلتا بالرقص
زخرفة المطر
و مارستا السقوط
و الانزلاق
و الملل
فرسمتا وجها سعيدا
.. من وحل


Reem said...

ahhh :(
i know how it feels to go through the same thing over n over.. to walk along the same road.. n it's awful when u already know that u r going to suffer.. but somehow u do it again..

loved it :*

Deema said...

thank you ..

but also somehow, you like this kind of repitition :)

i'm not really drawing a sad moment, it is rather a question of value :)

current readers are always set the metaphor as a standard..
slipping and falling down weren't at all ment the suffering experience..

Purplecious said...

whats with December???

elqare7a ma tetfata7 ela eb hal shahar?? ;p

wayed 7elo elta3beer deemaa mashalaaaaaah I'm soo impressed :)))

فغازلتا بالرقص
زخرفة المطر
و مارستا السقوط
و الانزلاق
و الملل
فرسمتا وجها سعيدا
.. من وحل


keep it up gurl ;*

Oo na6reeeeeeeen December 2007 ;D

The Simper said...

take what life gives u..
and move on..
move forward..
no smiles?
don't stop..
u shall have a smile..
if not urs, then it is someone else's..
if u know about it..
ur heart will smile..

Deema said...

there is something indeed about December, maybe because it is after November?? ;)

thank you 7abeebty and i'm so overwhelmed..

(December 2007)starting wondering already ;)

Places from the past
are only playgrounds for me
for i am the rain
and thanks for introducing me
to the well known smile
*smiles then bows*

Purplecious said...

deema mo 3ajebny el azrag foog ;p

7e6ay PURPLE a7laaaaa ;)

Deema said...

purple...killish mo loony
insay....... :P ana sawaita azrag test... bas a7is chithee a7san ;)
yom tha illaaila ramady ;P

Purplecious said...

lonaha ma kan 3aaaaadi ;)

LOL adri inich noway it7e6ena bs kint ba6africh ;p

el blue is nice mashy m3 loon el links bs lo kan daraja thanya afta7 shway ra7 ykon fallah ;)

bs chethy 7eloo b3d wala tez3leeen ;)

Deema said...

jarrabt walla akthar mn daraja .. bas 9ar chinna mustashfa.. :P

chan aggol mako 3ala ilrumady, ohwa ba3ad a7san halnnimoona 3ashan ma e'athir 3ala il9uwar illy a7i6ha :)

Purplecious said...

LOOOOOOOOOL mustashfa 3ad! hehehehe

ee la dam chethy wejhat nathrich you have a point :))

btw, the last 2 pictures wayeeed 7elweeeen.. enty eli em9awrat'hum?

Deema said...

ee :) wala ana m9owrat hom, the previous one in Italy, kan awal mara aroo7 3ala ra7ty bidoon tisi77ib ligroup ;)

oo ilthanya (in this post) knt ga3da asawy study 3ala li9ba'7a :D

tara taqreeban kil il9owar ily a7i6 ha bilpost ana m9owrat ha.. ily mo m9owrat ha a7i6 isource :)

shu'3l edayya wi7yat 3inayya ;)
w mutashakkira awy awy for zee compli-ment ;p

Deema said...

galabnaha instant messeging ;)

Purplecious said...
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