Saturday, 6 October 2007

Age Count: 023

6 Oct. 1887: Le Corbusier's Birthday
6 Oct. 1973: Liberty War of Sinai
6 Oct. 1984: Deema's Birthday
6 Oct. 2007: Submission due date, thesis abstract
6 Oct. 1984=10 Muharram 1405, On Saturday

haven't watch the movie yet, but it made me excited about this number
life is beautiful


The Simper said...

WOW with le corbusier??? ;) sij architecta ;) kil 3aaaam wintay eb khair o 9i77a o salama inshala.. o 3asaha sinat khair o baraka.. o hapy birthday to deema :)

Deema said...

:D e walla these are the only two events ever happened in my birthday!
(but it was more attached to 3eed il3uboor in Egypt) :P

3ad i never been interested in Le Corbusier until i knew this fact ;P

ooooo winta b'7aaair oo mashkooor, and all the wishes goes to you and to the whole world

Hitman1 said...

Happy birthday dear :)

Arch Dalaly said...

Dom Dom entw elsabqoon wan7na ela7qoon :P
Happy Birthday

Ahmed.. ID said...

Happy birthday Deema, I shall say it again in ur 100th birthday, in God's will... :)

Try to find ur birthday in the islamic calender, and then check if any islamic figure was borned on the same day..

Anyways, Happy Birthday.. and good luck in ur graduation submission..

PS: I would really like to know ur thesis...

eshda3wa said...


Deema said...

Hitman 1:
Thank You :D

Arch Dalaly:
welcome to the club SOON ;)
Thank You :D

Ahmed ID:
thank you thank you !
and it wasn't on my mind!! it was Muharram the tenth ;)
never knew that before
the number 23 spell is workin ;P

and i shall announce my thesis statement soon ;)

Halloo! welcome to my blog :)

Purplecious said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAY tooooooo yooooooou DamDooooooom :**

23 is the best age 3ashan takharajt feh min eljam3aaa wel faaaal lich ya muhandesatnaaa ;)

kil 3am wenty eb alf khair o 3asaha sena 7elwa 3aleeeeeech o 3alenaaaaa o ya rab yet7agaglich kil eli fy baaaaaalich ;))

The Simper said...

purple.. she is not mohandisa.. she is mi3mariya .. right?? only in the arab world they call an "ARCHITECT" mohandis :) e7iboon "bash" :P

Deema said...

inshalla ameen liljamee3 :D

oo alla e3eenna 3ala 23 ;)

Dear Simper:
la turabbi6 3a9a3i9 low sama7t ;P

ta3awadna mo mushkila, a9lan i wouldn't be called architect illa after being licened
ilmuhim asawwy shi'3ly

... one day i went to the draftsmen department in shwaikh campus, and the man working there told me that he actually a law school graduate! where is this from that ;)

Purplecious said...



shino y3ny ana al7en sabet'haa wela shinoo??

al7en deema enty koleyat elhandasa wela koleyat el3imara??? ;pP

ee ee ana 3arabooo kefy ;p

e7na eli ydish koleyat el6ib min awal sena inadeeh DOCTOOOOOR ;pP

o b3deen mo 7elwa bash mi3mariyah!

emhandezaaa o zay ellooooz ;))

Deema said...

lol purplila ilmi2andila ;)

ana kulliyat il3imara, lo ana handasa chan shiftay li7sabat tarsa liblog ;P

we deal with proportion, scale and we design things from charchoob ilbab to the city's urban strategies, i7na illy nsawwy ildeera 6abaqaaat ;)

Anonymous said...

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Deema said...


thanks :-)