Thursday, 4 October 2007

Heaven In Your Mouth

[Dedicated to Purplecious ]

Best ones in Kuwait:

Casper & Gambini's
Italios [The Avenues:Green Umbrellas]

Best Recipes:


The Simper said...

o ana??? ma shiftay my post?? abi espresso! min 2 days i ate one in lorenzo.. now shab3an mabi shay :) khal taakilha purple! :P

Deema said...

nothing for you today

and I emptied your espresso

and the Teramisu I am giving to Purple is nothing like the one you had at Lorenzo


The Simper said...

"and the Teramisu I am giving to Purple is nothing like the one you had at Lorenzo"

which one is better? ;)

is it the one i had or the one ur giving to purple? :)

Deema said...

DHL from Italy :P

Reem said...

i can kill for a good desert!! hmmm haven't had a good one in a while.. recommend some for me plz :D

miss u deemz :*

Deema said...

hey :* miss you too 7abeebty,
we should go for a desert someday

hmm you want like other ones, you will find great desert in i think caled la piazza in one of behbehani houses their desert menue is better than their food

Purplecious said...

b3aaaaaad 3umreeeeeee Deemaaaaa

mashkoraaaaaaa 7bebty:***

simperrrrr wkhair 3n my teramisu ;pP

aham shay tawny ashof el post ;(( sorry 7bebty bs i have a problem with the "F5" thing ;p

it looks soooooo YUMMY shawgteny hehehe kan lazim etgolenly check my blog after f6ooooooor ;p LOL

khalas bukra inshalah basaweha coz al7en jahazt 7g another dessert ;)

my cousin etsaweha eb 6areqa mashalaaaah 3aleha ma 3umry thegt nafs'haaa

i took the recipe from her bs ma ethbe6at ma3ay :(

she adds a blueberry filling into the layers yummmmmmm 3ajeeeeeeb

i have to try the italian recipe bs i don't think its gonna work coz il sir is in the "wine" ;pP~ LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Deema said...


Finally ilma3zoma w9alat ;)

3ayazt wana awa5ir 3yon ilnnas 3an your dish! wala 5ayfa 3alaich t'3i9een :s

the blue berry is nice trick, ana mn zman aby asaweeha bas i am still thinking of the perfect substitution of the wine ;)

you know i've tried one with wine in Venice .. it was AMAZING, it was the first time i knew it got wine in the recipe
(3ugub ma '3asalt il9a7an chan egoolon ly!)

yaaalla ilyanna ;)

my cousin told me she has a great recipe, i will send it to you once i got it.

Deema said...

ooo bilhana wishifaaa :)