Wednesday, 3 October 2007

my promise

Dear www,

The Simper had asked me to place a post for the three best skyscrapers that I appreciate, and I kept my promise, but with some flavor. Sky scrapers is a useful economic strategy, and it has within itself an artistic value(1), but once they decided to go vertical then they had to react to the urban quality in all the multi stories(2). On another level, there is the Dubai effect or the "Star Building" which is a big matter of attraction(3). This effect worked before for a religious matter and for place marking which was very beautiful, standing in its own with consistent approach(4). what we see now in the "Star Building" effect is an enormous three dimensional urban "MARKET". the fifth image in which something I am interested in is another WTC proposal it is something hard to accept from the clients but it is a good theory behind this conceptual scene, in this image you SHOULD read the article (5).

(1:WTC) Source



(4: Ulm Cathedral,Germany)

(5:WTC Source)

Writer's Note:Thank you Simper for letting me into this exercise :)


The Simper said...

wow.. nice and full of meanings short post :) the flow of the subject matter along with the refrenced pictures are easily followed :)

as for the first pic.. i thought it is not WTC.. i don't recal the name, but a very similar design of a rotating square from the base to the top in china or taiwan.. if i find the design i will for sure pass it on to u.

now i know that skyscrapers should BLEND with the surrounding vicinity.. and the good architects should utilize their best mental excersises to arrive at that result. maybe i guess very few skyscrapers would do that, some would feel different the time they are built and after a decade or more they would be kinda hell to the surroundings.

one example of a building that i hate is this it is totally messing up the atmosphere of the area. i don't know how did they allowed such a massacre to this holy place. this is a very bad judgement in my opinion.

nice post.. and im sure will see more excellent posts from archy.D ;)

The Simper said...

here is the link for the buildings that i hate at makka.

The Simper said...

and here is the building that is similar to WTC in ur pic number (1)


Deema said...

Thank you Thank you :)

and as for that building in Shanghai .. well i saw it real life :D and watched a reportage about it..
it is nice, and 3ala 6ary twisting, the KTC is being nice now as it is being underconstruction, and i like its cladding too, i wish it remains nice for all the buildings in Kuwait look nicer underconstruction than post finishing..

[they asked a local guy from Paris why do you have your dinner everyday in the Eiffel Tower, and he simply said,"coz it is the only place where i don't see any Eiffel tower!"] ;)

but Eiffel tower is sooooooO different than abraj makka, i saw them ib soug il3aqar last week and i stayed staring at it for like 10 min.
5min.=wondering about the reality of the scale

and thanks for the links :)

i'm really relieved after fulfillin my promise :)


Deema said...

note: Richard roger's proposal for the world trade center is not building in the footprints of the WTC instead, building around them, and havin it as a museum i think or a plaza..

The Simper said...

bitishin :)

and for the footteps of the WTC, i think it is a really nice idea.. the are very clear in the pic.. this is the meaning f a memorial, to remind u of things, not just to build a thing.. a memorial can be no-building!

The Simper said...

by the way... i really hate the pic out of dubai. the dancing skyscrapers!!! i think this is a super dumb idea from an architectural point of view.. yet, for a structural engineer and materials engineer, i have to say it is a performance measuring stick and a passing grade.. but not in that architectural form and sense!

The Simper said...

ur unleashing the architecture beast in me :P im almost forgeting my arch academics :P check this book, i read most of it (still not all :P) more tan 10 yrs ago.. Looking Around - Journey Through Architecture

Ahmed.. ID said...

Skyscrapers.. The intension of a skyscraper, in historical point of view, was to show wealth, social status (going higher means you're more important), and to set new challenges for mankind to overcome and accomplish. This means that any skyscraper should be designed in a way that compliments the context (site, urban fabric, people, etc). For example, if a skyscraper is being designed in a site where the wind is strong through most of the year, the design with the structural system should be working together to withstand this wind force (aerodynamic building). If a skyscraper is being designed for a site with low soil strength, then the foundation should respond to this issue, which should dictates the overall desgin of the building.

If the 'dancing buildings' (nice one the simpler) are being designed to withstand the wind force (which I doubt), or compliment the context (which I double doubt), or even respond to the soil strenght (which I triple DOUBT), then this proposal is a successful one (which is not, of course!). That's the problem with skyscrapers these days, they just want to show off... It's like one of these weird fashion shows, where models wear square shaped shorts with metallic t-shirt and a huge round hat.. It's just nonsense...

And I think I said enough :)...

Deema said...


we always try to do some communication between us and the civil engineers to let them take our projects for structure analysis.

from the first year of architecture, a beast is surely borned in every student ;)

Ahmed id

(I like your historical analysis)

Deema said...

Simper .06:

it looks interesting i will try to stuff it with the mountain of books i should read for thesis ;)

Purplecious said...



Deema said...


appreciated ;)

inshalla ilpost ilyay 3ashanich :D