Wednesday, 3 October 2007

my lens:The Image of The Day [Sharq-Kuwait2007]

"They are very few, those who master the art of living" ~Deema


Ahmed.. ID said...

This is really sad. Original old Kuwaiti houses these days are being used as a stinking dump storage, and are considered to be inhabited by very poor people.
I mean you don't see the Coloseum being deserted or used as a dumping ground, or you find any Egyptian ruin being miss-used.
It's really a hell of a way to remember our past and tradition.. What a shame!

Deema said...

ahmed id:
yes it is, they are restoring the "iconic old buildings and missing the real essence of our old houses which is the social urban context used to weave the city together.. i can't find the real city by individual scattered buildings, which eventually being like a strip on the gulf road and whatever happened behind them is just left for the old people's memory to remember.

The Simper said...

both of u have interesting points.. and i would love to have an old REAL part of old kuwait still preserved.. but the pic here is nothng but chinko.. o kharaayib.. maybe the old soor.. or maybe the pic is not providing the whole scoop..

well.. about this subjec of historical preservation.. this is a subject that shold be specialized and only people who have expertise can do it.. not like what we have here where they bring people with "sigma" to cover all the old buildings.. and they have ceramic inside (bait dixon) is this historical restoration?

Deema said...

Dear Simper:
when i took this picture yesterday, i was only thinking of how this building is being lived in and it seems they have quite a good income..
but as it always happen, site visitors are always fascinated by the place where the picture was taken..
.. and in preservation, Bait Dixson is wa_y better than others like (al qibliya school)..

and if we had a restoration facility you won't find this UGLY NEW MAKTABA (wara masyad ilKhaled) IS BEING BUILT, i seriously teared out when i saw the excavation, and now it grew up to eat all the characteristics of the beautiful surrounding by like a cookie monster :(