Sunday, 25 November 2007

Art Agenda

Prof.Dr. Ali Radwan
"The Pharaonic Motifs in Arts and Crafts of the Ancient Near East"
[Lecture in English]
Date: Monday 26,November 2007
7:00 pm


EarthQuaker said...

thank u that was very useful :=)

Deema said...

You're welcome :)

Someday said...

Thanks D, The problem is that they always hold these events on Monday with no alternative! 3ad 9ij that what we truly need here in Kuwait, some real exposure on arts and culture

Deema said...


Exactly :) but sometimes they do another activity or like an extension of the lecture or the event on Tuesday, which is good :) there are lots of stuff start to happen with winter :D its very interesting for art and culture fans :)