Sunday, 18 November 2007

my lens: Phenomenon

"what's in my brain is in your brain, what's in my heart is in your heart.. it is not a socialist thought, it is rather a natural behaviour. variety resides in the means of experience." ~Deema


The Simper said...

yet, being the anti-socialist, it is how big and small those brains and hearts can be, to contain and utilize those experiences!

The Simper said...

nice "D"esign :)


Deema said...

"The Simper"
how those brains and hearts fold upon each other can give you the whole sense with the got through experiences.. it can be perfectly seen as topography.

_and thanks :D bold is my line these "Days"

Deema said...

_and actually the photo should take the major attention :s

Someday said...

Et3aaaaaab 3l 9owrah, mashalla, you did it in one stroke?!?!?!!
Hmmm, I guess the basic components are the same, but the selection that produces individuality is different

Deema said...

the selection that produces individuality is experience based (thats what i meant) thats why it is different, i suppose ;)

Thank you, i will be a lier if i told you i got it it one in stroke ;) i got like 6 different photos of the same place but they're different.