Tuesday, 6 November 2007

my lens: ENTIRE ROME


Someday said...

WOW that’s amazing!!! Where is that?!?!

Deema said...

yeah it is :)
it's in Italy, EUR, i took the image in summer '06

amazing huh, there should be someone taking shots of our shocked faces :O ...... :D

The Simper said...

viva architectura del romulusa ;)

did u say: veni vedi veci? apre to that? :)

where is that model located? university or museum?

i spent a whole lovely one hour (maybe more) in only one hall in the british museum last time i was there.. it was a hall hosting the frieze on the parthenon. they had a cd player that guides u and tells u the story behind the carved frize of people and animals and other things. it was really lovely.. u feel that ur living with them and seeing what they were doing and living.

nice pic :)

Deema said...

wow, that sounds interesting! yeah i was rather interested in the reliefs and the sculptures infront of churches and how they evolved over time in terms of plasicity and spacial depth.

i had great shots in the pantheon, but never went to greece to see the parthenon.. i should go to greece one day..

thanks :)

Hitman1 said...

Nice picture... it remind me of the time I "tried" to see all of Rome in just one day :)

Needless to say, I couldn't. That city is just amazing with a lot to see.

Deema said...



yeah i know, it is Rome and Florance where we've stayed for the longest time, it was amazing

you know you should have climbed the Cupola in the vatican (the highest point in Rome) and you can get to see almost everything :)

Reem said...

wooow mashallah!
i want to go to italy, sit in that little cafe, have coffee n bread (myabe some wine too ;p), write, and also read books! lots n lots of books!

oopsi that was random! i donno why it just awakened this in me..

love ya :*

Deema said...

your dreams shall be true inshallah :)


ma 3indich salfa, i would sit in a cafe but i would also run through the alleys of story telling walls :)

Anonymous said...

really beautiful :)

Deema said...


welcome to HERE :)

and it sure is :)