Saturday, 24 November 2007

A Useful Link

Global Incidents Map


The Simper said...

alah yakfeena el shar. but nice internet project.

Deema said...

The Simper:
yeah, in fact i hate news, but i can't deny that i love state-of-art technologies in the internet :)

Deema said...

and it gives better observation than that of touching emotions and spreading negative energy, it stimulate thinking if you see it on the map ..

EarthQuaker said...

i could find my house anywhere on that map, is that a good thing or just errors like usual? :=P

Deema said...


il'9ahir ma darow 3annik :P

EarthQuaker said...

btw ako 2 things about u that makes me nervous

1- its EarthQuaker not EarthQuicker :=P

2- would you please be kind enough to change your blogs background colour because i keep loosing my mouse every time! :=\

Deema said...

(sorry i have a problem with terminology)

can you be kind enough to change your mouse color from your control panel.

Thank you :D

EarthQuaker said...

ma yhoon 3alay aghayer el colour malah 3eshrat 3omer akthar men 10 years 3ala hal loon :[

Someday said...

It’s wayyy cool, nice easy access to news, Thanks for sharing