Thursday, 17 January 2008


Rheims Cathedral


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The Simper said...

it magnifys architecture!

but, what's with u and Notre Dame de Reims? i was looking for Notre Dame de Amiens which has 2 different sides.. and you also have the Notre Dame de Paris.. which is more noticed..

well, here is de Reims:

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La Simper:

i couldn't really get what you meant, 2 different sides?? you mean from plan, elevation, or section??

and if it is plan, are for example comparing it with the basilica which has a unified form in all its sides?

on the other hand, what about "me and the reims" is that i had this project when i was questioning the plasticity of the sculptures that were made from gothic to baroque, and thinking that in reims is where the initial start of getting away from the symbolic representation of the sculptures..
if you see the sculptures in riems, you will see a great expression of communication between the sculptures, in which they got away from its classic alignment.


The Simper said...

in Notre Dame de Amiens, if u look at the elevation of the lower part of the plan.. u will see three entrances.. the main entrance in the middle.. and 2 other entrances (one on the right and one on the left) the one on the left (if ur looking at the pic) is different than the one on the right.. TALLER.. so tell me why if u know ;)

Deema said...


ok .. it is because the process of construction of those churches are VERY VERY long

so sometimes the project never been completed, and other times, the master builder dies and the job inherited to his family. so they just don't do it the same..

there are lots of churches that never been completed.

in a church returned to romanesque (an earlier form of churches) period that we visited around venice, there was no single column that was similar to the other!

when i asked why, the guide said that because the church brings common people to work on the churches for salvation (to go to heaven)so every capital represents a work of a civilian.

Deema said...

another aspect of the urban life in the churches is reflected throught the stories of the stained glass pictures which is not only telling the story of the christ or bible -even though they're usually doing that, but the way it is represented reflects certain class with certain context.

The Simper said...

Congrats on the new look.. i kinda liked the older one ;)

Deema said...

i kinda agree, coz i'm not the one who did this graffiti, and its not my kind to put something i found in google.... so expect something else ;)