Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The Empty Quarter


Anonymous said...

how can i watch the movie?

Deema said...


after done with loading there will be

"begin your journey >"

just press the arrow (bottom left, inside video box)

enjoy :)

The Simper said...

WOW! simply wow.. i really appreciate what those people are doing to let others like us know about what is going on on this great lovely Earth.. they are going here and there and reporting about the places and photographing them in the UTMOST professional way!

thanks for the link..

the music is nice :)

Deema said...

The Simper:

yep! :)

have you seen the sand formation by the wind! and the salt pattern!!!

it is really great! i should go to the empty quarter someday :D

who knows...

if you didn't, you should watch "Planet Earth" and also "Baraka" they're really great photography-
oriented movies :)

The Simper said...

i got Planet Earth.. but haven't watched it yet.. what's the other one? Baraka?

Deema said...

yeah baraka, they put it once in dar ilathar, i think it hard to find, all whom i know got a copy of it..

there is no oral script in it..