Monday, 7 January 2008


مشوي والا مفيوح؟

شنو يعني فندال؟


Someday said...

what is that!?!?! I don't think I've ever tried it!!

The Simper said...

it looks like a seedless mango from the inside :P

i will have it baked please with butter and sour cream ;)

Dalal Arch said...

Sweet Potato is perfect with my Moqueca recipe. I'll cook it 4 u one day soon :)

Deema said...

wow 3 comments in half an hour!
probably warm food is the best topic in this frozen night!

they call it also بطاطا حلوة

sweet potato (i guess) in english for the images in google appeared for this name..

i will add you the link to know more about it :P

The Simper:
hmm interesting, additions, coz we usually have it raw :P

Dalal Arch:

I love you!

side notes: my father said that sweet potato would be much nicer when grilled, so guys you should try it one day mashwy ;)

Purplecious said...

yah yah yah khooosh

akeeeeeeed mashwy :D

o la tensen elkastana ;p oO marshmallow b3d YUM YUM

awal ma shefta 7asbaly beetroot o kent bagol deep fried ;p you should try it (beetroot) at "Burger Hub" its YUMMY'n Crispy :))

Deema said...


wahwa kazalik

ma 5abarna burger HUB ybee3 shamandar! :P
7alata athnat yom nroo7 nyarrib :)