Tuesday, 22 January 2008



Anonymous said...

nice..the lady is cute!

Someday said...

When I was a little girl, I have developed a phobia to the theater!?!?!?!!
This was one of the plays that scares me! akthar wa7dah kanat makes me lose it!?! Was el sha6er 7asan!!! :’(

Deema said...


alla ehadak the lady is Huda 7sain, don't you know this play???


walla theater made me schizophrenic i blend in the roles :P

bs you're right fy 7aywan lamma yid5al "i guess arnab" w e'3anny '3azala bazala, athkir awal marra shifta 5arra3ni li2anna shda3wa arnab halkubur!!!

bs kint a7ib hathy coz it was musical
lamma ligait ha ib u tube i was almost tearing, it was one of my favorate and the fact that i remember all the lyrics made it clear that i was watching it almost everyday (the freaky habit of kids)

there were two scary scenes back then to me, it was layla w theeb yom t'3anny bil'9alma, o bilwawy o banat ilshawy lamma ga9ow 3ichfat ha

Someday said...

I guess I didn't get over it yet!!! tadreyyn the song for titles at the start of darb el zalag was roo3b for me!!!!
the scene, which I'm still hunted by in sha6er 7asan, is when this, I don't know, to me I refer to it as a monster!?!? and he asks him to solve riddles!!!!! wayyyyy 7addah kaan y'7are3!!! I close my eyes till it's over!!! I haven't seen it ever since then!!!

Deema said...

t9adgen ma ga6 shift ilsha6ir 7asan!

i wish to know this scene you're talking about!

masra7yat lulu il9a'3eera lamma eyyee hatha the alien that called dodo

(illy kilma 6a7 gam e9arri5 dodo dodo dodo) hatha kan e7urrrrrr

also 5ith o 5al was from the weirdest shows

(i guess viewing things from a child's perspective exaggerates the moments) ya3ni if you read a story that you read when you were a child you would find how simple it was yet was magnified back then :)

i guess the only way we keep our childhood momentum is push the new to its limits and either see with fresh eyes, or discover something new :)

The Simper said...

i guess el 6ayara 6a7at feeehom??

Deema said...

ee 6a7at feehom ibjazeerat ilkisala :P

illy ya7kumha 5irbish 5arabeesh :D

Anonymous said...

I asked my mom o she knows the play but I don't recall! :P

Deema said...


hehehe :P alla e3afy ilsharee6 li9'3eer.