Saturday, 29 September 2007

Fire! Fire! All Fall Down!!

As i was on the roof with my nephew showing him the district from above i was shocked by this scene! a building in Kuwait City was on fire! it seems to be in Murqab and I saw a helicopter roaming above the site. it is right now and it is scary. I hope it is not residential, and thank god it is not a working hour so that no one inshalla be there.
update: after an hour of what i posted, as any normal Kuwaiti family, we went to check out what happened.. and we found out that it is a building under construction, and probably the victims are three or four cats..


WWG said...

Hi, Good Blog :)
Look From Quebec Canada

WWG :)

The Simper said...

inshala no injuries there.

Deema said...

thanks :)

the simper:
wish so.. it is starting from the upper floor so it is not very threatning.. bas il5of mn itha something from above is falling down to the streets around the area..

Ahmed.. ID said...

Nice shot, though the event is not so nice. Anyways, what's done is done, now we'll wait for the experts with their "Analytical Explanation", if they ever publish one that is...
The most important thing is that no one got hurt.. 7amdeAllah...

Ahmed.. ID said...

"London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down..."

After I saw the picture of the burning building, it seems that I can't get this song out of my mind... :)

Purplecious said...

el7amdelah 3ala elsalam kha6akum elsow

yah yah yaaaaaaaah

esh hal zeeeeeeen 7arakat deemaaa wayed 7elo very nice el sora foog :))

ahhhhhhhhhh ya deemaa

3ndy lich 6alab plzzzz

el word verification lawa3 chabdy ;pP

sa3at at3eyaz ma a3aliq eb sebetah :((

plz take it off plzzzzz shoofelah serfaaa arjoooky !!!

shukraaaaannn :)

Deema said...

Ahmed ID:
welcome to my blog :)
and i guess when i uploaded it got a bit pixalated..
well never know what really happened for i never open the news paper :)

and yeah it should stick on your head coz my title also is taken from "Ring a ring O'roses" ;)


Thank you Thank you


o afa 3alaich tamreen wi6alab r5ee9 :)
(il9ara7a 7ita ana mlowi3 chabdy)

haah haaa ka '3ayarta :)

Ahmed.. ID said...

Never knew the name of that song.. Thanks...

The Simper said...

wow.. now much better.. mako verificasyoooo :P