Monday, 17 September 2007

my new collection

I got a new collection of brooches that are really really beautiful the first 4 pieces are from my sweet friend Arch.dallola and the 2 last pieces are from my cousin (M.S.N), thank you so much and I really appreciate it :D

1-Portabello Saturday Market Nottinghill,England (June 2007)
3-Institute of Contemporary Art (Across St.James park (September 2007)
4-Milan, Italy (August 2007)
5-Auchan,Grand Epageny,France (August 2007)


Reem said...

Deema!! i loooove them! number 3 is sooo cute! i love number 4 too, very classy ;)

bl3afya dear :*

Deema said...

Thank you yeah i like no.3 too (almost a horse) :D

bas 9ajja no.4 is classy, in fact it was the first one i wore from this collection :D

The Simper said...

they look nice :)
1 is lovely out of limits design and with the colors used for the stones (dark) i can see a maze that gets people in and not leave them out.

2. a repetitive design.. both for the stones and how they are all pointing to the center..and the whole design is not outside of the norm. very cool classic.

3. hehe funny design.. makes peopole smile and wonder :)

4. super class and distinction.. looks like an award or a prize. i would b very interested to see how would it be worn ;)

5. and 6. very very broche like :) i feel broches are animals..:) madri laish.. but they look very nice, clean, and at he sam time quitetly lovely :)

and ya.. you can use the word "ditto" in stead of the word "same as above" ;)

nice collection :)

Deema said...

1 either shaken off or absorbed ;)

2 never noticed the (pointing to center)!

3 catgorized with No.23 in
:D but this makes you wonder more ;)

4 i love this one.. and i think it will look nicer on winter clothes..

5 6 i love the turtle more :D i like it when the brooched are animal-like but i like those animals to be really different than butterflies :P

in general i usually focus on how the stuff are being made more that how it is finally look like. maybe this thought will make you look back again to see that i have a mosaic,porslain, stained glass, carved rock, cut wood ..etc

thanks for the very thoughtful description ;)