Sunday, 23 September 2007

T-Square: Issue 3

The Architecture Magazine - University of Kuwait

Theme of this eddition: Signature

Table of Contents:

-Defining Signature

  • Note for Clarification

  • من خلال التوقيع

  • What Creates It ?

  • الرمز، و مسيرة نحو معرفة الذات

  • Signature.

-Signature of A Person

  • Frank Gehry: A Biography

  • Interview: Architect Abdullah Al Faisal Al Sabah.

-Signature of A Place

  • Sequal I: The Signature in Desquise as The Norm's- Missconception of Valid Architecture
  • Moroccan Architecture

-Signature of A Time

  • Masking Society

  • Super-sizing Real-Estate.

  • poetry: كان

-Signature of An Ideology

  • McDonaldology: The Visual Aspect of Architecture

  • Toward Extreme.

  • Folding Architecture

  • Case By Case

-Showcasing Signature

(Photographs taken by students are included)

note: provided in Department of Architecture 5Kh - Khaldiya Campus


The Simper said...

interesting tabel of contents.. i will try to get a hold of one copy.

iv seen only one copy.. during the conference they held at Salwa venue in marina maybe a yr ago.. writings and of course design are excelent.

can we see more CRITIQUE of Kuwaiti architecture.. and especially urban planning and its interaction with the Kuwaiti individual psyche? i think our temper is highly corelated with the abscence of the right urban design of the previous year of faulty designs.

Deema said...

The Simper:
I have an article in the one you got :)
their will be copies ;)

my 1st post = article of 2nd issue

this summer i wrote an article about urban scale of Kuwait for one of the University magazines, in arabic.. i think it's good, i worked on it to have a comprehensive look over Kuwait, and i wish it can help a bit..

_well what i am concerned more about, is THE RESPONSE of the said or written critiques, you should have seen my face confronting that guy in Baladiya.
i only want to learn what is general!! and from a kuwaiti person.
coz in fact i don't want to criticize, i wanna fix what should be fixed! i don't want to listen to useless exclamations, coz they're waste of time!

not even from Saba Shiber.

Kuwaiti people are the only ones who can understand Kuwait.
and there should be only two or three real estate companies, Kuwait is too small to have real estates processes in such variety!
(it's ok, i always get moved by this subject)
of course there should be different views, but this is mine so far


and oh i passed by this SIFC site today, it looks better than the images, but i should come in the morning. b3d i got the raya view which is kinda far, it's good that they made this relief between the two buildings.

Thanks Simper, really really do appreciate your comments :)

Purplecious said...

Hi Deemaaaaaa

ha dawamtay?? khalas ayabib? LOOOOL

awal shay mabroook 3ala el newlook bs leeeeeeeesh gray!!!! 7e6ay shway colors mama plzzzzz ,, purple mathalan ;p

etsadgeeeen kil ma adish y6la3ly post “group No. 6” !!! o 6ab3n coz mo fahamt mena shay fa ma 3alaqt ;p

elmuhim tefaja2t enich emnazla wayed posts 3gb tawny ashofhm :(

wel magazine shakelha etwanis wel subject interesting,, 3ndy mishwar lel khaldeyah

Simper ayeblik ma3ay copy for you ;)

Deema said...

Hala.. Hala.. Hala
bil'3alya :D

wala ana illy bayabbib (maba'3ait atisama 5ireeja) :P

Alla ysalmich ana 3indy mushkila ma3a ilalwan i love gray, it is the color of the pencil and i'm so neutral in my colors (keepin it classic alla '7air)
bas ham wala yhimmich you inspired me with a design and i think i'll do it once i'm free :)

ana walla kint na6ritich w eedy 3ala 5addy w alla yani astanis la shift ismich :)
bs il'9ahir li2anny sawait editing wayed fa 9ar chithee, o 7ita lo ma 3alaqtay mashkoora innich fakartay tigraina:P
there are some posts that i do for the means of documentation, adry inna wayed nas are not going to be interested but the blog is giving me a boost to finish the stuff i wanna do :) 7asafa inna ma 3indy wayed wagt 3alashan aktib more 3an china bas i'm gonna post photos as much as i can to show you what i have seen :)

and glad you like the magazine, i may comment on their articles some time later :)
(mn fita7t haliblog wana 9ayra 7achaya!!) tara i don't like to talk alot bas lama aktib astanis :D

O 7AYACH ALLA 3INDINA, 3ayal 3alawwalna bin3arif mta bityeen, noorich muho mga9ir, tara our dept. open from 6 am-9 pm (shiftay shlon naksir ilkha6ir)

Thanks PurploOna :D
(i have an Oona problem, every feminine name should end this way)

The Simper said...

purple.. since deema matabe ta36eeni one copy.. khalas u go and get me one :P

deema.. i looked for my copy from that conference.. unfortanetly i couldn't find it .. i guess i lost it or someone took it from me.. i will keep looking :)

Deema said...

"i will try to get a hold of one copy".. shaklik wa9il, o ma wa9aitny!

send me your and i will send you all the copies if you want. same to you purplecious :)

my articles are all here in the blog:
1st issue:my diaries: to escape
2nd issue: How to Trace Kuwait City Map
3rd issue: no articles/ well i wrote something that has a very indirect relationship with the signature so it is better for them not to place it, and it is also here in the blog (nisait shisimha) bas it has equations and stuff :)

Reem said...

very interesting!!

i might come by inshallah 7bebty :*

Deema said...

hey reem !

Call me if you really would :D